How DUCK DYNASTY’s Missy Robertson ‘Equips, Empowers, Enriches’ Women to Share the Image of God

Photo courtesy of Missy Robertson on Instagram

How DUCK DYNASTY’s Missy Robertson ‘Equips, Empowers, Enriches’ Women to Share the Image of God

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

If you resonate with the quote, “diamonds are a girls’ best friend,” Missy Robertson’s business might pique your interest.

Operated out of her hometown in West Monroe, Louisiana, Robertson’s mission of her jewelry line, named Laminin, is “to equip, empower, and enrich the lives of the women it employs while bringing a reminder of God’s creations to the marketplace,” according to the website.

You might recognize Robertson because of her famous family.

A&E’s DUCK DYNASTY aired from the years 2012-2017. The reality series captivated conservative audiences because of the Robertson’s faith and family values and ended each episode with a prayer centered around the dinner table.

Missy Robertson is married to patriarch Robertson’s second son, Jason “Jase” Robertson. The two have three children: Reed (wife Brighton), Cole and Mia. Missy loves the Lord and uses her platform to tell others about his love for them.

A couple of years after the conclusion of the reality show DUCK DYNASTY, Robertson found herself a full-time stay at home mom and was looking for something to fill her time.

In an interview for a podcast, Robertson explained the trajectory that brought her to create her jewelry line, Laminin:

I dropped out of college after a year to really go to work to support [Jase] and what he was wanting to do in ministry; and so, I didn’t have a trained skill. So, I went to I went to work for a doctor’s office for 12 years, which I thoroughly enjoyed and loved. Then, [my mother-in-law] Miss Kay [had me] work… for her at Commander [their duck call business]. During all of that time, [I was] raising the kids understanding that I have to work in order to help my family financially. I also want to want to be with my children, as much as possible, I want to take them to school, I want to pick them up from school, I want to be with them in the afternoons [and] in the evening. So, when I started the jewelry company, that was my initial thought, was just to have more of a community of moms that need to add support to their families, but also want to be with their children. Then, God said, ‘Now we’re going to take this in a different direction.’

With the opioid epidemic a national crisis, Robertson didn’t realize how it affected her local area or how it would positively impact her new business.

Robertson explained on the podcast:

I wasn’t really aware of all of that [the opioid epidemic] until … the jewelry company. Because when… I started this jewelry company, it was really going to be just for … women like me, ‘let’s do something fun on the side ….’ I had a clothing line at the time as well. [So], ‘why don’t we incorporate jewelry, and we’ll hire women who are more like me, because I don’t have a college degree.’ I had to drop out of college to get married to Jase, because he was in seminary, and seminary does not pay.

Yet, that’s not the plan God had for her new business venture.

“I asked Miss Kay, when we when we got all the supplies, and the designs and were ready to go, ‘Miss Kay [do you] know of anybody who might need a job?’” she remembered asking.

Miss Kay replied, “Are you serious?”

The hiring process turned out to be a blessing from the Lord.

Miss Kay “sent me six women who had this background of drug addiction. …We hired all six of them… right at the start of this whole entire process. These are the kind of women that I hired,” Robertson recalled.

Even still, a muddied past isn’t a prerequisite for working at Laminin.

“With an opioid addiction background or illegal drug addiction background, … whether it’s God sending me these women because of what we’re doing and being somewhat successful at it, that He’s like… this is the place and this is what you need to do,” Robertson shared.

The Lord had His hand on this story.

Robertson shared the beautiful testimony of one of her employees who came to know the Lord and get baptized.

“Erica was looking straight into the face of 20 years in federal prison. She chose to enter a drug court program (what does she have to lose?), and during that time she came to work at Laminin. She had a drug-free baby boy just 4 weeks before her start date. She completed the court program, graduated and … became a free citizen. But, her freedom did NOT stop there. Today, she became truly free by surrendering her life to the One who created it!” Robertson beamed.

“Meet my sister in Christ and @laminindesigns jewelry designer! I have a feeling our pieces will be even more beautiful in the future.”

What about the name of her jewelry line? The significance directly relates to her faith in Jesus.

Telling the podcast, Robertson said:

It’s laminindesigns.com. The word laminin, if everybody is wondering, it is a protein molecule. It’s the name of a protein molecule in our body, we have thousands and thousands of them, and they hold [us] together. They hold our ligaments together…. Our body is held together by this one protein molecule called laminin. When you put it under a microscope, and magnify it thousands of times, it looks like the cross. … It’s Colossians 1:13- “He is before all things and in him all things hold together.”

In late July and early August, Robertson went on a media tour to speak about Laminin and all that God is accomplishing through the work.

Robertson said via Instagram:

“This last week’s media tour was not about jewelry, but about the women who make each and every unique piece. These women are broken from drugs and opioids. They were used physically for their or someone else’s next high. They are victims of abuse. They are offenders themselves. They are felons. They are ex-convicts. They are sinners, but so am I, and so are you. Jesus gives me a second chance every minute of every day because I made him Lord of my life. These women are getting a second chance in society at @laminindesigns and learning they can also be forgiven! They are finding strength and courage, and I got to brag on them all week!”

After her media tour concluded, Robertson’s website for Laminin crashed, but she was optimistic about it.

“The bad news is that you crashed our site last night ?, but the GOOD NEWS is that we were back online this morning!” Robertson relayed.

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