How God Nudged Fox News Host Ainsley Earhardt to Journalism

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How God Nudged Fox News Host Ainsley Earhardt to Journalism

By Movieguide® Contributor

FOX AND FRIENDS host Ainsley Earhardt explained how God brought her into the career that He made her for.

Growing up, Earhardt worked at a dentist’s office. With support from her parents and the dentist she worked with, she went to college to study dentistry. However, during her sophomore year, she realized it was not the path for her.

“If just kind of hit me. I don’t love this. Biology is my thing, but chemistry and a lot of the other sciences were not,” Earhardt said. “So many of the other students were doing so much better than me. So I began to pray about it and knew I was going to transition into another field.”

While Earhardt was interested in pursuing her childhood dream of acting – which she was drawn to by the allure of fame – concerns from her parents over the practicality of that career caused her to consider other options.

“I looked at journalism and my parents were happy about that, and that’s when [the University of] South Carolina became an option. They have a great journalism school and allow for hands on experience,” she said. “There are a lot of big name schools offering degrees in communications but don’t have studio facilities that provide the same experience you get at South Carolina.”

At the same time God was guiding her life, Earhardt was becoming closer to Him as she took steps to make her faith her own. Though she grew up in the church, it wasn’t until she attended college that her faith became personal.

“I had just affiliated with my sorority. Had some strong Christian fellowship there,” she said. “We were meeting more wholesome guys. I joined a Bible study and had taken a Campus Crusade to New York City, which only solidified my desire to switch majors.”

“I was pursuing a career I felt God was leading me into, and more importantly I was beginning my walk with Jesus, which is the most important decision I’ve ever made,” Earhardt added.

“When I got the job with Fox, I said ‘God, are you sure?’ I know nothing about politics, I’ve been covering car accidents and street closures and the pothole patrol in my hometown,” she said previously of landing her job with the network.

But she trusted God, and nearly 20 years later with a frontline position at Fox News, Earhardt works to give back to God and honor Him with blessings He has brought to her.

In the fall of 2021, she produced a faith-based miniseries that highlighted the near-death experiences of people who were brought back by a miracle.

“The beautiful testimonies in this show have validated everything I’ve been taught about this life and the next,” she told The Christian Post in September of 2021. “I believe the Bible, which says there is a Heaven and we get there not by works, but by faith in Jesus Christ. Heaven is God’s dwelling place and realm where everything operates according to God’s will.”

“I want others to walk away knowing that miracles do exist,” she added. “Science can’t explain everything. God is giving us these experiences all over the world for a reason, and the five different stories in this series are just a small glimpse into the bigger plans that God has for us all.”

Earnhardt’s story is a testament to God’s working as well as He quietly worked in her heart to help her understand that dentistry was not for her but rather journalism was the path she should follow.

“We don’t always know God’s will for out lives right away. But He is faithful…” she said. “We don’t always understand how things unfold, but God has given me the desire. I’m blessed in many ways and I’m truly thankful.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Even though the country may seem like a mess and all hope is lost, author and FOX & FRIENDS host Ainsley Earhardt has confidence that God’s might will prevail.

“That’s majestic, that’s how mighty, that’s how miraculous our Father in heaven is,” said Earhardt in a recent video for Fox.

Earhardt discussed one sermon she heard recently where a New York pastor read through the book of Habbukuk which tugged on her heart for people right now.

“It’s so heavy,” said Earhardt about the economic, medical and social landscape of today.

However, the host still makes time to worship God and doesn’t dismay.

“He sees the future and we don’t” said Earhardt.

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