How God Saved Former MLB Star Jason Grimsley from Suicide 

Photo from Jason Grimsley’s Twitter

How God Saved Former MLB Star Jason Grimsley from Suicide 

By Movieguide® Contributor

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Jason Grimsley recently opened up about the dark moment that led him to dedicate his life to Christ. 

“I was saved in 1999, the first year I joined the New York Yankees, and one the best years of my life,” Grimsley shared. “I was really on fire. In fact, my wife even said, ‘Honey, you’re spending too much time with God and not enough time with me.’ I was just reading; I was into it. I was living it.”

Grimsley called his faith “an explosion of fire” inside him and enjoyed an incredible series with the Yankees, even winning the World Series. However, that success led Grimsley to become “selfish.”

“All of a sudden, it started being, ‘Oh look what I did,’ It became me,” he said. “Pride ego started creeping back into my life, and that began the slow fall away, getting back into being selfish, being about me.”

By 2015, he was in a dark place and attempted suicide. 

“l ended up out in the woods with a gun to my head, pulling the trigger, and it not going off,” Grimsley said. 

The former baseball player took that as a sign of God’s love and decided to rededicate his life to his faith. 

“2015, 2016…instead of being on fire for God, I feel God took me by the hand and said, ‘OK, I’m going to walk you through this at my pace. And I’m going to show you there’s nothing you can do to earn my love. I love you. And this is a relationship, and we’re just going to walk this together,’” Grimsley said. 

He continued, “My wife, the grace, she showed me in coming to me and said, ‘Hey, I love you. I forgive you. God forgives you, now you got to forgive yourself, and that grace opened up the grace that the Lord has for me.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Grimsley’s story:

Former MLB pitcher Jason Grimsley recently reflected on past addiction, the end of his career, and restoration through faith in his new book, “Cross Stitched: One Man’s Journey From Ruin to Restoration…”

“Now that I look back [on my life], I want to point to the Lord and His grace and His salvation,” Grimsley shared. “There’s no reason I should be alive today. I should have died. Now I know why I’m here.”

In his new book, Grimsley hopes to point others toward God as they deal with their struggles and inspire others who are battling addiction. All proceeds from the book’s sales will go to  Emerging Grace Ministries, a faith-based non-profit committed to ending adolescent sex trafficking.

“I thought my purpose in life was to play baseball,” Grimsley reflected. “Now, I realize that wasn’t it. My purpose is right here, right now. No doubt this was God’s plan all along. I want people to get a glimpse of the thing I lived through. My success. My failures. Why they were my failures. Why I believe I got through my failures. All I truly want to do is help.”

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