How Golfer Bubba Watson’s Wife Helped Draw Him Closer to the Lord

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How Golfer Bubba Watson’s Wife Helped Draw Him Closer to the Lord

By Movieguide® Staff

Two-time Masters champion and Golf legend Bubba Watson recently discussed how he pursues God’s calling for his life in his new book, “Up & Down.”

“That’s the reason why I wanted to come out with the book is to share and to share that we all have issues. And if you say you don’t you really do. Right? Like, let’s be honest with everybody,” Watson told CBN.

Moreover, Watson’s sphere of influence goes beyond golf. The 43-year-old also owns an ice cream shop, a car dealership and is a part-owner of a minor league baseball team.

However, Watson said that his interest in his faith took off after meeting his now-wife, Angie, while attending the University of Georgia.

“We started talking about church,” Watson said. “She grew up in the church and who she wanted to be and she asked me about my faith. I told her it was very little. I told her one day I got asked to go to church, I gave myself to the Lord, but then that was it. The seed was planted. I said the right things, but I didn’t really water it and when I got to Georgia and met her, that’s when it really opened up. And I’m still growing in that, but it’s been an amazing journey and the rest is history. 20 years later and we’re still together.”

Watson’s faith was challenged when he and his wife discovered they were unable to conceive a child.

“When your wife looks at you and says, ‘Why can’t I be a mom?’ And that’s a hard thing to answer. And again, God’s timing is way better,” he noted.

In 2012, the couple adopted a baby boy named Caleb.

“The lady asked, the first thing she asked was, ‘Are you going to change his name?’ And man, you talk about trying to get words out of your mouth. I said, ‘No!’ She said I think his name… it’s a great story in the Bible. And I said, ‘Yes ma’am!’ I said ‘I would never change his name because of the blessing you are giving us,'” he recalled.

Watson would also win the most sought-after title in golf, the Masters, two weeks after adopting Caleb.

But Watson revealed that anxiety and poor health brought him to a low point in his life.

“If this is what’s going to cause me to be this way, I’m done with golf. I’d rather be physically healthy than out.’ That’s kind of what got me off the ground, is thinking about, if God appeared to me right now and said you have ten minutes… am I going to sit here and pout about it or am I going to get up and do something about it?” he said.

“There’s one particular moment that I can remember where I said some choice words and got caught on camera and my team hit me fast,” he added. “And I went into the media center and they asked me right away. They said, ‘your language. You call yourself a Christian.’ I said ‘I want to thank ya’ll. I want to thank ya’ll because that’s how I get better. If you don’t call me out, I can’t get better.’ We’re all going to have moments. Younger days I wouldn’t have done it that way. But since ’10 when I won and going forward and more wins after that, it just means I’m put on a bigger pedestal, a bigger spotlight where I have to be ready to face my bad moments in a different way.”

Watson said that his wife has continued to push him in regards to his faith in God.

“I praise my wife all the time. Without meeting her it wouldn’t have jumpstarted me to get me back to where I should be,” he said.

“When you start listening and learning about the gospel, learning about the Bible, you want to give back,” he added. “On my death bed I don’t want my kids to go on the podium and be like ‘he was two-time Master’s champion.’ If they say that, I’ve already missed. I’ve missed everything I was supposed to do. I’ve been blessed so much, why not bless other people?”


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