How LADY AND THE TRAMP (2019) Shows The Power Of Unconditional Love

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How LADY AND THE TRAMP (2019) Shows The Power Of Unconditional Love

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Below is a portion of the review from LADY AND THE TRAMP (2019), which is nominated for THE GENESIS AWARD FOR BEST MOVIE OR TELEVISION.

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LADY AND THE TRAMP (2019) is a wonderful live action reimaging of the 1955 Disney cartoon classic, available on the new Disney+ streaming service. The movie brings the characters to life as Lady and Tramp try to steer clear of the dog pound and return to or find, those who love them. LADY AND THE TRAMP has a strong moral worldview promoting family and sacrificing yourself to help others, but it does contain some light questionable miscellaneous immorality and brief moments of peril.

The movie begins with Jim Dear giving his wife, Darling, a puppy for Christmas. The audience sees a quick time jump as Lady grows up overnight, which also reveals that Darling is now pregnant.

Cut to Tramp. He’s a street mutt, who’s sleeping in a train yard where he’s not welcome. The man who runs the yard chases him out, and he’s met by two of his fellow street dogs that were just captured by the pound. A new law was put in place that says dogs without homes will all be taken to the pound. Tramp then puts on a show for the man who works for the pound to get his friends set free, but is almost captured himself.

As he runs to freedom, he comes across Lady who is outside in her yard. She’s sad because she was just put outside because of something she did wrong and doesn’t understand why she’s being punished. She confides in Tramp, who she thinks is her dog friend, Trusty, next door. When she finds out he isn’t, Lady begins to bark, which alerts the man from the pound that Tramp is close. She decides to keep him safe, and, in turn, he tells her what’s really happening with her family and that when her owners bring the baby into the world, she will only be an afterthought to them.

When the baby comes, what Tramp predicted seems to happen to Lady, and she is sad. Her family goes on a trip and leaves her with Darling’s mean Aunt Sarah. After Sarah’s ornery cats get Lady in trouble, Sarah gets fed up and takes Lady to the pet store to get a restrainer. When they put on the restrainer, they remove Lady’s collar. Lady breaks free and ends up running away without her collar, making her look like a street dog.

When Lady is cornered by another dog, Tramp comes to her rescue. From there Tramp takes Lady on an adventure of a lifetime as they explore places she’s never been. However, their adventure is cut short when the man from the pound finds them. While trying to escape they get split up and Tramp gets trapped in the train yard. Lady returns the favor and saves Tramp from the pound, but in turn gets caught and taken to the pound.

Will Lady be freed from the pound and return home to her family and Tramp? Or, will her worst nightmare come true, and she be forgotten by her family and left there forever?

LADY AND THE TRAMP (2019) is a wonderful remake of the original classic. It brings the animated characters that everyone knows and loves to life and delivers many funny, heartwarming moments. These moments make viewers feel for the characters and connect with them on a human level.

LADY AND THE TRAMP (2019) has a strong moral worldview stressing the importance of family and being loyal to them. It also features depictions of love for family and friends and sacrificing yourself to help others. LADY AND THE TRAMP (2019) does include some miscellaneous immorality, such as scenes where homeless dogs steal food, and brief moments of peril involving animals.


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