How Patricia Heaton Is Giving Back This Holiday Season

Photo courtesy of World Vision

How Patricia Heaton Is Giving Back This Holiday Season

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actress Patricia Heaton is celebrating the holiday season by spending time with family and giving back to people in need.

“I think what I love most about Christmas is really family,” she shared. “My four sons are grown and out of the house now, so it’s one of those times when everybody can get together.”

“So much of Christmas can revolve around materialism,” she continued. “And so I think having traveled with World Vision and making friends all over the world, many of whom are in difficult situations, has helped to remind me what the Christmas season is about: that Jesus came for us and especially for the poor. World Vision, and my work with it, has always helped me to be reminded of those people less fortunate.”

Heaton understands that, in addition to giving back, the Christmas season is all about joy.

“Joy is something that you can choose, regardless of the circumstances that you’re in,” the actress said. “You know, I think for me as a Christian, knowing what the bigger picture is, of what our lives are about, and who’s actually in control made it easier to find those joyful moments during the difficult year we had last year….because we know in this life, that suffering is going to come….but knowing that overall, God is caring for us and God’s aware of our situation, that you can then find joy and comfort in that knowledge….when you have that attitude and that security, you find joy much more easily.”

Heaton says that the source of her joy can often be found in helping others, like through her partnership with World Vision.

“I’ve chosen to partner with World Vision all these years now, because I have done the research and I know what a trustworthy and effective organization it is,” Heaton said. “So this year in particular, if you want to help people who have really really suffered through the pandemic in a way we can’t even imagine, World Vision is an incredible place to put your money.” 

In her partnership with World Vision, the actress picked out a scarf for the organization to add to their catalogue. 

“I love scarves! I have a ton of scarves, and this one that I picked out is made by these beautiful artisans in Vietnam,” Heaton said about her choice for the organization. “These women have been making silk scarves and other items for many, many years.”

Heaton has also attended the Movieguide® Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry.

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