How This App Helps People ‘Connect [People] With God’

Photo from Glorify App Official’s Instagram

How This App Helps People ‘Connect [People] With God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

The popular app Glorify, which shares Bible verses, devotionals and reflection exercises with users helps a broad base of users connect with God. 

Ed Beccle and Henry Costa, the creators of the app, recently talked about Glorify’s development and how famous faces like the Kardashians and singer Jason Derulo have helped reach a broader audience. 

“There was what we called the ‘ABC generation’: Anything But Christian. You could be any other religion, any other way of life. You just couldn’t be Christian. It had a real stigma,” Costa said of their decision to create the religious app. 

However, things soon started to change.

“We noticed it in the metadata and the microsignals,” Costa explained. “That things are shifting. A lot more people are willing to talk about their faith. And a lot more people are returning to a faith that they’ve grown up with.”

Glorify was released in January 2020 and has already amassed 2.5 million users. The app struggled to find success at first, but Costa and Beccle were soon contacted by a famous family that wanted to back the app. 

“It was the Kardashians,” Beccle laughed “I said, ‘Oh, yeah, it would be great to talk to them.’ I didn’t actually know they were religious at all. But he said, ‘Look, I’ll get you on a Zoom with Kris and Kim next week.’ So I did the Zoom and they loved what we were doing and wanted to get involved.”

After that, many celebrities came onboard, like James Corden and Michael Bublé.

Even though the famous partners help Glorify reach more people, Beccle and Costa know that it’s really about the message their app delivers. 

“Increasingly, people are opening themselves up to exploring this side of themselves,” Costa said of Glorify. “The people who have invested in us saw a really big vision. Something gigantic. And they were willing to back that.

“We’re very aware of the scale of what we can do,” he continued. “And this is the exciting bit. There’s a crisis of faith in many countries, and it’s spreading. We are reacting to that crisis and breaking down the barriers to provide more access points for people to be able to connect with God.”