How This International Athlete Makes His Marriage, Family a Priority

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How This International Athlete Makes His Marriage, Family a Priority

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Although Argentinean polo champion Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras was a world-traveler pre-pandemic, he always made his marriage and family a priority over his career. 

It’s all about quality time for Figueras and his wife, Delfina Blaquier. He says it helps strengthen their love for each other and their four kids.  

“We’re always doing things that we love and whether it’s the children, horses, breeding, the presentation of her clothing line—our lives are super busy, and most of the things that we do, we do together. We respect each other and we care for each other. So far so good,” Figueras told Fox News. 

Figueras continued: “It’s not perfect. I won’t lie to you, but it’s a great one. I like her a little bit more every day. I think you have to water the plant every day. That’s also important. You cannot take anything for granted. I really don’t imagine myself with anybody else but her.”

Like many families, COVID-19 forced the polo champion to press pause on his career.

“I did travel a lot before the pandemic. I obviously haven’t traveled as much since,” Figueras said. “But… I used to travel a lot with my children and we used to homeschool a lot because my job makes me travel around the world. I travel around the world with my children because I wouldn’t do it any other way.

“I think that has been one of the great things about this pandemic,” Figueras continued. “I always say that I’m a very lucky guy because I have lunch and dinner with my kids almost every day of my life, which is a super blessing and something that most people that actually go to an office or that used to have a regular job, don’t have the pleasure of doing.”

The Figueras family may be suffering a case of cabin fever, though they are trying to make the best of it.

“I would say enjoy the time you have with your family. I know it can be hard because we are used to going out and socializing,” Figueras said. “But this is a time to enjoy, the extra time being with your family. 

“To me, it’s the most amazing treasure that I have to be able to be with my wife and my children all day long. I know it can require a little bit of patience. I would say respect the other person and respect their space, too,” Figueras concluded. 

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