How TIMMY FAILURE Teaches The Importance Of Accountability

How TIMMY FAILURE Teaches The Importance Of Accountability

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

TIMMY FAILURE: MISTAKES WERE MADE actor Kyle Bornheimer believes that one of the core messages in the new Disney+ movie is about learning from your mistakes to grow in accountability.

In the movie, Bornheimer plays Crispin, a parking meter enforcer with a silly but sweet demeanor. Crispin dates Timmy Failure’s mother.

At a recent roundtable interview, Bornheimer said, “The funny thing about my character, Crispin, is that Crispin is just another one of the kids in the movie.”

The BROKLYN 99 alum continued, “One of the points that [the filmmakers] want to make with Crispin was this sort of never growing up kind of thinking.”

Still, Bornheimer believes that having a big imagination doesn’t excuse you from responsibility.

“How do you manage, how do you still celebrate that [imagination] within yourself, but also know that you have to, you know, say you’re sorry, and you have to sort of to be accountable for your actions at some point?” Bornheimer asked aloud rhetorically.

TIMMY FAILURE’s emphasis on accountability is also a topic that the Bible touches on as one day, all people will be accountable for their actions before the heavenly Father.

Bornheimer is a father himself. The actor said he wrestles with accountability as his two children grow up, “My kids are 11 and 9 right now and I’ve said the same thing. I want them to be kids forever, but they also have to learn that they’ll have some accountability.”

In the movie, filmmakers sweetly balance accountability and Timmy’s adventurous imagination.

“I just love the simple message…of hitting an age when you have a decision to make about your imagination on fostering it, continuing to foster it, but then adding accountability to it,” said Bornheimer. “It’s a really neat,” he added.

Stay tuned for the full review of TIMMY FAILURE: MISTAKES WERE MADE this week.

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