Influencer Illustrates How Parental Phone Use Affects Kids

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

Influencer Illustrates How Parental Phone Use Affects Kids

By Movieguide® Contributor

A TikTok user shows how parents’ cellphone use negatively affects their relationship with their children.

“TikTok’s Victoria Yavnyi launched a series called ‘Same Day Different Parenting,’” People reported. “Each video of the series shows a split screen illustrating two different types of parenting: one where Yavnyi is attentive to her child, and the other where she is on her phone while watching her.”

The video shows Yavnyi’s young daughter positively interacting with her mom when she is off her phone. Her daughter also looks visibly happier. When Yavnyi is on her phone, her daughter looks bored and sad. Yavnyi asks her audience, “You can be present, but do they feel your presence?”


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“While I believe that self-peace is crucial for our mental health and happiness, we sometimes don’t notice our children are growing up in the background,” the influencer said. “Unfortunately, the latter of the two seems to have become the norm in today’s society, and my intention is to shed more light on this.”

“I hope to inspire parents. Too often we become shrouded in the chaos of life. Work, stress, finances, etc. It’s easy to turn to our devices & social media for an escape to help calm our minds,” Yavnyi added.

“Too often I hear stories of regret from parents with children that have already grown up,” she continued. “For me, I just never want to look back with regret and say things like ‘I wish I spent more time with you’. Hindsight is 20/20 and it’s also too late. We have such a small window of time with our little ones and I hope we just all cherish it a little more.”

She also shows the negative effects of phone usage in general in another series, “Same Day, Different Choices.”

Movieguide® recently reported on how parents who use digital devices around their kids may lead to worse parenting:

Science Direct concluded that there were ‘Comparisons of structural regression models revealed that operationalizing caregivers’ media use as a single general construct disregards important nuances in its relations to psychological distress and parenting. In a more detailed model, higher psychological distress was related to more screen time and media use for relaxation. Intrusions of media in interactions with family members and media use for relaxation were associated with lower-quality parenting.’

‘Lastly, less distressed caregivers were more likely to use media for maintaining social connections, which was associated with more positive and less negative parenting practices,’ the study added.

In addition Fatherly reported, Jasmine Zhang, the lead study author and graduate student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada wrote, ‘When kids are showing difficult behaviors, parents might use technology to withdraw. And when you’re more absorbed in media, you might have stronger, less patient reactions to your children.’

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