Influencers Want to Change How People See ADHD: ‘My Superpower’

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Influencers Want to Change How People See ADHD: ‘My Superpower’

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Influencers Kim and Penn Holderness want to change how people view attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

“First of all, the condition has a terrible name: deficit, hyperactivity and deficit are negative words,” the couple told TODAY. “Forget about all of that. If you have ADHD, you’re part of a pretty cool club. Traditionally, we are innovative. We think outside the box, and we’re creative.”

Penn was diagnosed with ADHD while he was in college, and he describes the disorder as “my superpower.”

The couple is releasing a book, “ADHD is Awesome,” that dives into living with ADHD.

“Whether it’s your own brain or someone else’s that you’re trying to understand, we want to give you a new perspective on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Our book gives strategies you can employ to make life with ADHD a little easier,” a synopsis of the book reads.

Kim opened up about the challenges that come with being married to someone with the condition.

“Before I knew how to live with his ADHD, it was tough. I mean, we went to marriage counseling. We wrote a book about arguing,” Kim said.

“But after he became aware of what was happening, he made changes. He started doing the work and researching ADHD,” she added. “Our marriage has improved because of the work he’s doing to manage his ADHD. ADHD is an explanation, not an excuse. I want to have that put on a pillow.”

Penn works hard to manage his ADHD, but he still has an “ADHD goof” on occasion.

In one instance, Kim texted Penn to pick up their son from school. He saw her message quickly and then continued to work on what he was doing.

“I should have written it down. But I was like, ‘Nah. I got this,’” Penn recalled. “A little while later, I get in my car and I go to pick up the wrong child.”

“There were some words,” Kim said. “There was some language. When he has an ADHD goof, it causes some real shame. He feels deep shame and then I have to realize that I’m no picnic to live with either. I deal with anxiety and depression. So we’re just like a soup of neurodiversity over here.”

The couple frequently discuss ADHD on their social media.

“If you have ADHD, we want you to know that you are not alone. You are not broken. You just live in a world that wasn’t designed for you,” they wrote in a post promoting the book.

“You’re actually part of a pretty cool club,” Penn said in a video. “In this club, we are the life of the party…we are the innovators…We are massively creative.”

“Our hope is that this book can help you better navigate that world without having to change who you are, because what you are is awesome,” they concluded.

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