Internet “Sextortion” of Teenagers on the Rise

“Federal prosecutors and child safety advocates say they‘re seeing an upswing” in cases of sexual extortion and blackmail of teenagers on the Internet, according to the Associated Press.

The blackmailers have been demanding more sexually explicit photos and even sexual favors from teenagers who post less explicit photos of themselves on the Internet, in chatrooms or social meeting websites.

One federal affidavit labels the new crime “sextortion.”

Depictions of sex in the mass media has been directly linked to increases in teenage pregnancy, sexual crimes such as rape, pornography, the sex slave trade, sexually transmitted diseases, and serial murders.

Only by removing such objectionable, immoral material from the media can we make a real dent in this evil behavior threatening the nation’s children.

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– Source: Ventura County Star, 08/14/10.

Photo by Irish Typepad.