Is This the Next Hollywood Revolution?

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Is This the Next Hollywood Revolution?

By David Outten, Contributing Writer

Can you even imagine how much fun it would have been to be Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone? He knew he had a product that would revolutionize the industry.

When Jobs introduced the iPhone the smartphone market was dominated by phones with tiny keyboards and limited internet capability. The general public mobile phone was a flip phone with very limited functions. The iPhone brought the whole world into the smartphone market.

How would you like to take that same desire to innovate and revolutionize the movie business?

Currently the top movies every year internationally are the big-violence, sci-fi and superhero movies. The catch is that, according to the MPAA, only 12% of moviegoers attend frequently. The industry spends heavily attracting the Comic-Con audience and makes a lot of money doing so, but what about the 88 percent who are not Comic-Con ticket buyers?

The answer might surprise you.

The fastest-growing demographic on the planet is grandparents, and each grandparent will tell you they want to leave a better world for their grandchildren. What if, instead of violent car crashes, foul language and unrealistic superheroes, studios reoriented their movies to focus the real heroes of today? Imagine movies with great adventure and low violence that promote values grandparents most wish to pass to their grandchildren.

When grandparents take grandchildren to a movie the theater sells tickets to two generations, but it’s not just tickets bringing in the bucks. Most likely, the grandparent will probably add in some popcorn, candy and soft drink sales to sweeten the deal.

CNBC reports that grandparents spend an average of $2,383 each year on grandchildren. As millennials try to get into a new house while making car payments and student loan payments their budget is stretched to the brink.

On the other hand, grandparents may have that mortgage and car paid off, and probably never got into student debt. Often, their income is often at its prime. Most people become grandparents well before retirement. They don’t always have a lot of time with their grandchildren, and delight in doing something special with them.

Movies can make that possible if studios continue to embrace positive, uplifting family values.

It’s not just grandparents who want good moral values. Everyone wants to live in a good neighborhood and have their children in good schools.

How do you define “good” in neighborhoods and school? No violence, no vulgarity, no drugs, and lots of kindness. That’s what movies should contain, as well.

Look up “grandpa” on IMDB and you may find Bad Grandpa, Nasty Grandpa, War with Grandpa and Let’s Kill Grandpa. The person who wishes to be like Steve Jobs will smile wide and go make a movie that grandpas and grandchildren will love for generations to come.

This is much more than just a golden opportunity for movie theaters. The entertainment industry is being swallowed up in the black hole of streaming. Nothing is more valuable to a streaming service than entertainment that appeals to all ages, for generations to come. Disney used to rerelease its classic animated movies to make money on generations of children not even born when the movie was made. This same lasting value will now make streaming services more popular. Done right it even pays off in theme parks and merchandising.

Hollywood still has lots of money to make on its Comic-Con fans, but someone is going to make a fortune on the other 88 percent.