Is Your Cellphone Dragging You Away From Jesus?

Photo courtesy of Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Is Your Cellphone Dragging You Away From Jesus?

By Michael Howell, Contributing Writer

If I were Satan, I would create a virtual reality, a reality void of God.

I would create a device that made you look down, not up. This device would take all your love, time and attention and focus it away from your wife, husband, children, and family.

I would create a world where you were the star, a world where you thought you had hundreds if not thousands of friends waiting to read your every post.

I would give you the means to give all those you love devices they too could focus on because you neglected them.

I would put messages on that device that caused fear, hatred and division. These messages would cause you to doubt that good could ever win again, that everyone else’s lives were better more beautiful than yours. The messages would tell you that your life meant little.

I would instill in you by false means that you and your life could never make a difference in the world. I would give you hopelessness.

I would create a device that would literally weaponize the dopamine inside your body against you. It would be a literal and self-imposed drug addiction to pleasure or pain.

I would create a device and world where one day you would look up from your screen and realize your life had passed by you and you accomplished next to nothing. Your family will have drifted away, your wife or husband had found another who would pay attention, who would cherish them and your relationship with your children would be next to gone.

There was a reason Peter began to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus on the Sea of Galilee, and the devil never forgot it.

In fact, he elevated it to a dark and powerful art form–a cellphone, a TV, a computer screen.

He knew then what he knows now, that distraction from Jesus, from his power and immense love would lead to fear, confusion, pain and insufferable loss.

Put your phone down, turn off your computer, hug and play with your children. Kiss your wife and look her in the eyes and tell her how much you love her. Focus your eyes back on what is real, not virtual. Focus on what God gave you as a blessing instead of lies and cheap entertainment.

Think this doesn’t apply to you? Ask yourself this one question. Did I spend more time with Jesus this week or with my cellphone? Are you looking down more than you are looking up? What would your wife, husband or children say?

In the New Testament. the Greek word used for when Jesus reached to grab hold of Peter literally means like lightning. In an instant. Such was his Jesus’s love for Peter…for us and not wanting him or you to suffer.

Jesus loves you just as much as Peter.

The Bible says that when Peter saw how strong the winds were, he became afraid and begin to sink. Put down the winds of technology and look up into the eyes of Jesus. Take hold of his outstretched hand and you will not even notice the water of life once again form solid under your feet as your cell phone and laptop sink into the depths with all their lies, falsehoods and promises.

It is time to walk on water again.


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