Jennifer Hudson, BLUE MIRACLE, DUNE Win Big in Movieguide®’s Movies That Inspire

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Jennifer Hudson, BLUE MIRACLE, DUNE Win Big in Movieguide®’s Movies That Inspire

By Movieguide® Staff

Movieguide®’s Movies That Inspire awarded the best movies and performances of the last year in their recent broadcast on the REELZ Channel. 

“I’m so encouraged that movies infused with strong biblical content continue to make waves in theaters and on streaming,” says Movieguide® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr. “Each of our nominations show that audiences rally around inspirational content that puts faith and family at the center of their story.”

BLUE MIRACLE was selected as the Epiphany Prize® for Most Inspiring Movie of 2021 because it makes it clear that works and superstition cannot bring miracles, only God’s loving grace can. 

One theme that always stood out the most to me, was James 1:27 in Scripture about true religion is those who take care of widows and orphans,” BLUE MIRACLE producer Trey Reynolds said. [BLUE MIRACLE] is kind of a modern day story of how Gods heart is close to orphans and just the most vulnerable in our society,” Reynolds continues. That that really spoke to me, and especially as a dad, just seeing how the husband and wife–Omar, Becca, the orphanage–just like doing all that they can try to do whats right and live a good life taking care of these kids, and then all of a sudden, a hurricane comes, and they cant afford the repairs of the orphanage and theyre just basically on their knees, going, God, how? What do we do? Help us!It was a beautiful story of how God intervened and turned something really bad into a beautiful story.”

Movieguide®’s Movies That Inspire named DUNE as the Best Movie for Mature Audiences and THE BOSS BABY: FAMILY BUSINESS as the Best Movie for All Audiences. 

“We just thought, Wouldnt it be great if when people left the movie they would call a brother or sister or an aunt or uncle, they havent talked to in a long time and just say, Hello, or Im sorry, or I love you?’” THE BOSS BABY: FAMILY BUSINESS Tom McGrath says. Childhood is such a precious part of our lives, and its only for so long,” McGrath said. We just thought that these movies celebrate children and their imaginations and so we kind of showed a little bit of a spotlight on Tim, as a parent, being worried that school was doing that to his daughter, but his daughter would actually be really smart.”

The Grace Prize® went to Jennifer Hudson for her portrayal as Aretha Franklin in RESPECT, and A QUIET PLACE PART II took home the Faith and Freedom® Award. 

Hudson was selected by Franklin herself to play the iconic singer. 

I wanted to make it as true to what shed lived. The music is done live, like she did in her life, to make it that much more authentic,” Hudson said.And then with the church scenes, you cant really script that or recreate it, it has to be what it is for it to translate honestly; which for me, anytime Im singing in a church it is, but the challenge was channeling it through being Aretha. At least the film version of that, you know, me versus Jennifer singing Amazing Gracein church.”

Hudson continued, It was in that moment for me where it really clicked, what Miss Franklin saw in me to say, Jennifer.’ I remember after shooting that scene Audra McDonalds saying, This is a very heavy life to tell.And I was like, drained in the moment, and then I was like, wow, Aretha must of saw this much in me to know that I will be able to tell her story from such a deep place in that moment. I dont think that I would have been able to do it without my own triumphs and life experiences.”

Movieguide®’s Movies That Inspire will air again on April 18 at 1 a.m. ET/April 17 at 10 p.m. PT. 

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