Jenny Marrs Says That Rest Is ‘Only Found In Living Close To God’

Photo from Dave Marrs’ Instagram

Jenny Marrs Says That Rest Is ‘Only Found In Living Close To God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a new Instagram post, HGTV star Jenny Marrs reflected on the importance of rest.

Marrs posted a photo of the beach, tagging her location as St. Augustine, Florida. 

“Lately, when I look at my calendar or the obscene number of emails I need to respond to or the dozens of texts with ‘urgent’ decision requests (I use the word urgent loosely, as I know choosing a paint color or ordering a light fixture isn’t actually all that important in the big picture but it sure feels that way when you’re facing a tight deadline), I feel anxious and, mostly depleted,” Marrs wrote. 

She continued, “My soul desperately needs rest. I had intentionally set this week aside for rest. We drove 48 hours, packed into a car with five kids who mostly traveled well (with several exceptions that made the drive feel even longer) to the water’s edge to see family and exhale together.”

Marrs spoke about having “the sweetest day” with her children, but shared that now, they “have a houseful of sick kiddos.”

“I was led to Psalm 91 this morning as I prayed for a friend facing surgery today and was reminded that true rest is not dependent on extra hours of sleep or outward circumstance,” she explained. “It is only found in living close to God. God promises that we ‘will find rest in’ His shadow that both shields and shelters us.”

Marrs concluded, “So, this morning may be cold and rainy and my babies may not be feeling well. But, the Lord is near. And my coffee is piping hot. And, we are together. We will watch movies and snuggle and soak in the graciously slow morning together. Here, under His faithful shadow, we will rest.”

Marrs frequently shares her thoughts and reflections on life with her Instagram followers. Movieguide® previously reported:

In a new Instagram post, Jenny Marrs reflects on life, joy, and sorrow as she shares a personal story from her life on her family’s Arkansas farm. 

“I sent this photo to two of my oldest friends in the world a couple of hours ago,” she captioned a shot of her muddy boots. 

Her caption continued:

We were remarking on the detours life has taken us on and the unexpected, sometimes really hard, and sometimes really abundant, paths we’ve have journeyed on over the years. We marveled that this girl from the suburbs of Central Florida spent her morning in her pjs in a pasture covered in literal mud and muck giving her sick sheep shots and meds. 

As I rolled Sunny onto his side, I prayed over him and thanked God for this beautiful life of mine. Yes, there are hard seasons and there is sorrow, but, sorrow is always intermingled with joy. I shed a lot of tears in the pasture the past 24 hours but I’ve also smiled so big at moments like this morning when my sweet girl ran out to help me in her pjs. She saw me from her bedroom window, ran down the stairs, threw on her muck boots and raced out to help dispense meds and fill fresh water. Her servant heart is so evident here in this place. 

Joy and sorrow. If you live long enough, you learn these two are partners in this dance called life. And, no matter what, you just have to keep looking for the joy. That’s the secret: always, always, find the joy. Because it’s there. Even when it doesn’t seem to be, joy can be found.