Jeremy Renner Releases New Album One Year After Accident: ‘Cathartic’

Photo from Jeremy Renner’s Instagram

Jeremy Renner Releases New Album One Year After Accident: ‘Cathartic’

By Movieguide® Contributor

AVENGERS actor Jeremy Renner recently released his album “Love and Titanium” one year after his near-death snow plow accident.

He explained the meaning behind the new album in a recent interview with PEOPLE.

“I got together with some friends, and it became quite cathartic as we started writing about it because it’s pretty intense,” he said. “It’s about being on the ice after being ran over and the thoughts and feelings running through your brain, and a lot of parts of recovery.”

In January 2023, Renner “stepped in front of his Sno-Cat snow plow to save his adult nephew from being run over. During his heroic maneuver, he was dragged under the 14,300-pound machine, sustaining life-threatening injuries, including blunt chest trauma, eight broken ribs, two broken ankles and more,” Movieguide® reported.

Renner confessed that the majority of the lyrics are from when he felt isolated and lonely during his two-week hospital stay following the accident. He called turning those feelings into lyrics “really cathartic and kind of healing.”

Although the actor is confident in front of the camera, it’s not the same when it comes to his music.

“When it comes to music, it’s just me and my thoughts and feelings and perspectives, and so it’s a little bit more revealing, and that’s a little tougher to do,” he revealed. “[It’s] tough to really just kind of be yourself and be open to being judged and criticized and all these things. [It takes] a lot of courage to have to do that…I’m a pretty private guy, but there’s certain things I feel like it’d be a shame if I didn’t [release].”

In a recent video he shared of his new music, Renner wrote, “I am overwhelmed and astonished by the kindness of others…. I live and breathe in gratitude for the opportunity to witness these pure HUMAN experiences … I have nothing left to say except thank you all.”

The actor added that his fitness journey has been instrumental in his healing process.

“It’s a beacon of hope for me and for my daughter as well, and this is a new part of our journey together in recovery and in life,” he said. “Getting back into life in a different way, out of a hospital bed, out of the house, being social, just doing normal things. It represents a lot to me, and I’m very thankful to be here to do this.”

Movieguide® recently reported on Renner:

Jeremy Renner is celebrating his miraculous recovery following a snowplow accident at the beginning of the year with the release of a musical diary – “Wait” – on the anniversary of the event.

“New musical diary – story of life, death, recovery, all things learned along the way ‘Wait’ lit Jan 1. I can’t wait to share more with you,” Renner posted on Instagram with a photo of the project’s cover featuring the actor with his arm around his daughter overlooking Lake Tahoe.

…“A collection of music we wrote about different milestones in my journey of recovery since Jan 1st this year,” he wrote on Instagram. “Love and Titanium has been painful, deeply healing, and ultimately cathartic for me to create. I hope I get the courage to share with you all.”