Joel Smallbone Shares ‘Redemption Story’ on For KING + COUNTRY Tour

Photo from for KING + COUNTRY’s Instagram

Joel Smallbone Shares ‘Redemption Story’ on For KING + COUNTRY Tour

By Movieguide® Contributor

For KING + COUNTRY’s Joel Smallbone recently celebrated a mind-blowing part of his parents’ “redemption story.”

“The very venue Dad closed out that 90s tour which ultimately led to him losing $500,000 was the venue that we played the last show of the ‘Homecoming Tour’ on Sunday for 10,000 of you!” Smallbone captioned an Instagram video. “Talk about a redemptive closed loop.”

In the clip, he shared, “Our dad lost half a million dollars on a tour, and the last show of the tour was in this room. And so now to stand here, 30 years later, with a full house, and you showing up and feeling all the love in the world is the definition of a redemption story.”

Smallbone then thanked his parents for taking “the ultimate risk” and “sticking it out together” for the last 49 years. 

Smallbone and his brother Luke shared their family’s redemption story in the recent UNSUNG HERO, a movie about the Smallbones’ journey to America and through the music industry. Smallbone portrayed his father in the movie, in addition to serving as co-writer and co-director. 

“It was a really magnificent experience, and I sort of wish everyone could either write their parents’ story or literally, in my case, hop into their shoes,” he said of the experience. “Because the empathy that it provokes in you, as a son or a daughter, in my experience, was very profound.”

Movieguide® previously reported on UNSUNG HERO:

For KING & COUNTRY stars Joel and Luke Smallbone point to the “power of family” as the most important theme of their recent movie UNSUNG HERO. 

“Luke and I were very young when we moved, but we did see miracles,” Joel explained. “To us, it was sort of this great adventure, and so that’s what we’ve really aimed to depict in this film.”

Luke added, “We struggled as a family coming here, and our faith journey kind of starts there.”

The brothers emphasized that the movie is all about uplifting their family members and hope that audiences will come away from UNSUNG HERO with a newfound appreciation for their own families. 

“I believe in the power of family. I think family is more important today than it ever has been in the history of the world, but we don’t necessarily value it as much as we should,” Luke said. “My hope is that, when people watch the film, they will leave kind of looking at their families [differently].”

For KING + COUNTRY just ended their “Homecoming” tour, which took the brothers back to Australia and New Zealand. They will be launching the “Unsung Hero” tour later this summer, with dates across the United States. 

In a recent interview, the duo was asked about what’s coming next for them following their musical and movie success. 

“I think [the next era] has to do with stepping into a more theatrical space, [and] quality over quantity as far as touring [so we can] leave space for family and our wives and space to create in this season,” Joel said. “I feel like there’s a change afoot. What that is, we’re just going to stay sensitive to the spirit on, but we’re enjoying it and we’re not slowing down — don’t be worried!”

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