John Schneider Reflects On Wife’s Death: ‘I Love Her More’

Photo from John Schneider’s Instagram

John Schneider Reflects On Wife’s Death: ‘I Love Her More’

By Movieguide® Contributor

John Schneider is opening up about his grieving process as he continues to mourn the death of his wife, Alicia. 

“I could not have told Alicia Allain Schneider I love her any more than I did,” the DUKES OF HAZZARD star said, per MSN. “I miss everything, every day.”

He continued, “I have to get to the point where I look around and see where she is, not where she’s not. And I’m trying to do that, but that’s hard. Somehow I love her more every minute, but with that, somehow I miss her more every minute.”

The couple met in 2014 and quickly struck up a relationship, with Schneider calling them “kindred spirits.”

In 2019, Alicia was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she was undergoing treatment, they decided to get married.

“We decided to get married after her diagnosis, not before, which I think speaks a lot to us,” he explained. “The TTB, the Team to Beat, was like, ‘…no, cancer. You’re not splitting this up. We’re going to make it harder for you.’”

By 2020, Alicia’s cancer was in remission, but the following year, scans showed her cancer had returned and metastasized. She passed away in 2023. 

Schneider recalled his last words to his wife, saying, “I of course told her it was OK. ‘If you’re tired, if you want to go see your grandma, you want to go see your grandpa, if you want to go, then it’s OK. You go.’ And that was all the truth.”

He continued, “But then I lied, because I said, ‘Don’t worry about me; I’ll be OK.’ That was a lie I had to tell, but she knew it. OK is a long way away.”

“The last thing I said to her was, ‘I love you desperately, and I’ve got multiple sets of very long-term plans for you.’ And that’s true because eternity’s a very long time, and I believe it. I’m counting on it,” Schneider concluded. 

Schneider plans to continue honoring Alicia and their love for each other in an upcoming album, “We’re Still Us.” 

“My bride Alicia and I did our own movies and our own music, so we didn’t work for anybody,” Schneider explained. “So that was very, very helpful. Now that my much, much, much better half is not here but waiting for me, I am trying to honor her professionalism and trying to honor her skill.”

He continued, “I do believe it’s helpful, but honestly, I don’t see a time where this doesn’t hurt. It hurt so bad to write. It hurt so bad to sing. But the final product is going to be healing for those who are going through this.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Alicia’s death:

DUKES OF HAZZARD star John Schneider confirmed that his wife, Alicia Allain, has died at 53 years old. 

Schneider released a statement about his wife’s passing via Instagram on February 22, writing, “My beautiful Smile is pain free, living in her new body alongside Jesus.”

A portion of her obituary reads, “From Brusly to Hollywood and back, Alicia was a force that inspired others, she was kind and generous to all she met. She always put herself last. She was very protective of her parents. She was mama bear that protected all her cubs. She was a fighter until the end. Alicia will be missed mighty.”