Johnny Cash’s Son Says Faith Was ‘What Was Most Important To Him’

Photo from John Carter Cash’s Instagram

Johnny Cash’s Son Says Faith Was ‘What Was Most Important To Him’

By Movieguide® Staff

John Carter Cash, son of country music legend Johnny Cash, shared details about his father’s life and Christian faith amid the release of the documentary JOHNNY CASH: THE REDEMPTION OF AN AMERICAN ICON. 

“It’s always been something that I wanted to see happen – to have a faith-based documentary, a documentary about my father that had the central focus on his faith. It was just what was most important to him,” Carter Cash explained

He continued, “I think some other filmmakers may feel like it distracts from the story or, or turns people off, but my dad was never one to let that stop him from professing what he believed in.”

A portion of the Movieguide® review reads:

JOHNNY CASH: THE REDEMPTION OF AN AMERICAN ICON tells an inspiring story of redemption, faith and service to the Lord. “There’s no lonelier place on Earth to be than being separated from God,” Johnny says during the movie. JOHNNY CASH: THE REDEMPTION OF AN AMERICAN ICON contains references to adultery and drug addiction, so it’s not for young children. Also, the movie doesn’t mention that, after getting free of drugs in 1970, Johnny Cash relapsed three times before he died in 2003.

“He didn’t care if he got canceled; he stood up for what he believed. It was his nature,” Carter Cash went on. “And, I mean, what did he have to lose: He’d already hit rock bottom. He knew he had a lot to give back.”

Carter Cash even shared stories about the times when his father had to stand up against producers of his show to share songs of faith. 

“At the top of his game, when he did not have to sing the songs of faith, of the Spirit, he did it anyway,” Carter Cash explained. “When he had the live Johnny Cash television show, he stood up against the producers, and he said, ‘I’m doing this – this is the way it is.’ He had a number one show there for a little while. Eventually, the show went off the air, but he did not stop giving forth his effort to profess his Christian faith every step of the way.”

Cash’s son concluded, “If it hadn’t been for his faith, there [were] a number of times that I know he would have died.”

Movieguide® previously reported on JOHNNY CASH: THE REDEMPTION OF AN AMERICAN ICON:

A trailer for a new Johnny Cash documentary reveals the country legend’s musical talent, as well as the importance of his Christian faith.

JOHNNY CASH: THE REDEMPTION OF AN AMERICAN ICON makes use of over a 100 previously unheard tapes that were initially for Cash’s biography. The movie focuses on the time around the release of the 1971 album Man in Black, as well as Cash’s struggle with addiction and the influence of his faith. 

”Johnny Cash is an American icon who undoubtedly shaped the musical landscape. Behind the fame is the true story of a man who was haunted by his own inner demons, and through facing them, ultimately found an unshakable faith in God,” said producer Jon Erwin in a statement about the documentary. “At Kingdom Story Company, we strive to bring inspiring true stories to screen. JOHNNY CASH: THE REDEMPTION OF AN AMERICAN ICON is one such story.”

Kingdom Story Company is the studio behind movies like I STILL BELIEVE, AMERICAN UNDERDOG, and the upcoming JESUS REVOLUTION. 

“Here’s the great contradiction — who could be friends with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Billy Graham all at the same time? The answer: Johnny Cash,” Greg Laurie, one of the movie’s producers, explained. “He was a contradiction at times, but he had a deep faith that he always returned to.”

“I think of all the documentaries made about my dad, he’d be most excited about this one,” added John Carter Cash.