Jrue Holiday Makes ‘Christ a Priority’ Amid Celtics NBA Championship Run

Photo from Milwaukee Bucks’ Instagram

Jrue Holiday Makes ‘Christ a Priority’ Amid Celtics NBA Championship Run

By Movieguide® Contributor

Boston Celtics guard Jrue Holiday is a veteran on the court for his team.

Holiday, who’s about to turn 34 this month, has “started all 69 games he played in this regular season, averaging 12.5 points, a career-high 5.4 rebounds and a career-low 1.8 turnovers per game, all while shooting a career-best 42.9% from the 3-point line,” Sports Spectrum reported.

Regardless of those stats, Holiday has one goal during this finals run: to make “Christ a priority.”

“Making Christ a priority is huge, because without Him, I wouldn’t be here. None of us would,” he said in an interview.

A major aspect of his faith journey is his relationship with his wife, Lauren.

Lauren is a World Cup champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist with the U.S. women’s soccer team. But when the couple was pregnant with their first child, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

That time helped the couple focus on God and prayer.

“I think for her and me that was definitely a pivotal moment because that was something — it brought us closer together getting closer to God,” Jrue said in a 2018 issue of Sports Spectrum Magazine. “I would say [our relationship with God] changed because I started to reach more towards Him. … I felt like a lot of times when something bad happens, that’s where you can start to seek God more.”

Holiday continued: “Again, some people veer away from Him, but at that point, I felt like because my wife and myself are both believers, we [prayed] together and that’s something that we could just do together. We just pray together every night before we go to sleep. Pray for our daughter, pray for her health.”

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Holiday is outspoken about his faith on his social media accounts.

His Instagram bio reads, “We most bear resemblance to Christ, when we bear another’s burden.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Holiday:

NBA Champion and All-Star Jrue Holiday recently scored a career high 40 points for the Milwaukee Bucks in their 125-131 victory against the Boston Celtics on Feb. 14.

“The only stat I look at is turnovers,” he said after the game. “That’s kind of how I determine if I had a good or bad game. Tonight, what did I have, five turnovers? To me, that hurts my soul.”

“I think for me, it doesn’t matter if I score,” Holiday added. “I would like to make plays on defense most of the time I’m on the court. We have enough guys that are going to score … I try to do my best to impact the defense.”

Holiday’s humility comes from his Christian faith, which he shares via social media and in post-game interviews.

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