Julie Chen Moonves Uses Platform to ‘Create More Disciples Of Christ’

Photo from Julie Chen Moonves’ Instagram

Julie Chen Moonves Uses Platform to ‘Create More Disciples Of Christ’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sadie Robertson Huff and former THE TALK host Julie Chen Moonves recently discussed Moonves’ faith journey and how it has changed her approach to life. 

“I’ve matured as a human being because I have matured with Christ,” Moonves explained

The BIG BROTHER host became a Christian five years ago. Moonves was dealing with upheaval in her personal and professional life when she received an email from her aunt saying that a friend was praying for her. 

“She said the Holy Spirit touched her to have my aunt reach out to me to let me know this. And I couldn’t believe that this woman that I don’t know, I’ve never met, was praying for me and my family,” she told the Christian Post. 

Moonves started attending Bible studies and church services and, two years later, was baptized. 

Now, Moonves uses her platform to spread her message of faith. 

“God has blessed me with so many different jobs and…so many different platforms,” she told Huff. “If I don’t use the gifts He gave me to publicly speak to the whole community, then I’m not doing my part.”

Moonves continued, “I have a certain amount of influence in the world that could bring a positive change and create more disciples of Christ…I would be a hypocrite and a phony if I didn’t use any and every platform to tell the world ‘I am a new creation in Christ.’”

The TV host is dedicated to sharing her faith, whether it’s through her audio memoir, “But First, God,” or through interviews. 

“Julie Chen before she found God was a self-absorbed, career-minded, vain, gossipy, fun to be with, but probably kind of a shallow person,” she said in an interview with ABC News. “Julie Chen Moonves, who now knows the Lord, is someone who wants to help others, who wants to look at everyone with a soft heart.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Moonves’ faith journey:

Former THE TALK host Julie Chen Moonves recently spoke with Kathie Lee Gifford about her conversion to Christianity and her memoir, “But First, God.”

“I am only five years into my walk [with God], and I wanted to tell everyone about my spiritual awakening because I want people to know that it is never too late to start a personal relationship with God,” Moonves explained. “I didn’t find Him until I was 48 years old. I spent so much of my life, you know, making my career and work my false idol.”

For Moonves, the most remarkable part of her conversion was understanding God’s love for the world.

“I didn’t know how much God loves me, and I didn’t know how much God loves everyone, and He has no favorites. So, like, I didn’t realize, like, the person that I thought or the people in my head that I thought were, you know, my enemy—my adversary—the person that I have a hard time loving…I better find a treasure cause God loves that person,” she said.

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