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Justin Bieber Releases Suprise EP “Freedom.” to Share His Faith

Photo from Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Justin Bieber Releases Suprise EP “Freedom.” to Share His Faith

By Movieguide® Staff

Following the release of his newest studio album “Justice,” Justin Bieber gifted his fans with a surprise EP titled “Freedom.” on Easter Sunday.

The album includes six new tracks that all speak to Bieber’s faith and what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection. The “Holy” singer announced that the new songs would be available to stream Sunday night.

“Freedom on all platforms,” Bieber wrote on Instagram.

The title track, “Freedom,” discusses the Gospel message.

“Big up to my brother / Blessed sons and daughters / We all lookin’ for the answers / We in search of living water / Too blind to see the Messiah / Are you weary? Are you tired? / Runnin’ on empty, feelin’ the fire / Mm, the Devil is a liar / The story’s already written / Children, you are forgiven (Yeah) / Ain’t nothin’ you could do for you to change that / And everythin’ you did, He erased that / Yeah, He took it all and threw it in the wasteland,” the song’s verses read.

The second verse, which features artist Bream, talks about Christ’s sacrifice on the cross to free His children from their sins.

The album also features fellow artists like Tori Kelly, Chandler Moore, Beam, and more. Although Bieber revealed that his album “Justice” is a love letter to his wife Hailey Bieber, “Freedom.” is a profession of his faith.

Aside from “Freedom,” Bieber’s new album includes the songs “All She Wrote (feat. Brandon Love & Chandler Moore),” “We’re In This Together,” “Where You Go I Follow (feat. Pink Sweats, Chandler Moore & Judah Smith),” “Where Do I Fit In (feat. Tori Kelly, Chandler Moore & Judah Smith),” and “Afraid To Say (feat. Lauren Walters).”