Justin Bieber Reminds Fans of Their Worth in God

Photo by Rory Kramer via Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Justin Bieber Reminds Fans of Their Worth in God

By Movieguide® Staff

Musician and award-winning artist Justin Bieber gained millions of fans as a young superstar. The 26-year-old is candid about how his stardom at such an early age turned his focus away from faith and God and on to the unsatisfying things of this world.

But now, Bieber uses his platform to tell people how Christ changed his life and encourages his followers to put their faith in God and experience the same freedom from past sins, hardships and struggles.

Bieber also encouraged fans to find their worth in Christ:

“Do not be discouraged, you are not alone in your suffering,” Bieber posted to Instagram. “You are forgiven, you are valuable Jesus is here. He is the reason, He is the meaning, He is life.”

Bieber, who married Hailey Baldwin in 2018, often shares about how he wants to honor God in the way that he loves his wife.

“So grateful for the gifts God has given me, my hope is to grow into all that God has for me in all areas of my life. First and foremost my relationship with my incredible wife. What a blessing to have the opportunity to grow. God uses our potential to unlock our purpose! Go out there today and maximize your potential and watch fulfillment in your heart start to grow,” Bieber said.

Bieber has also shared that he wants his faith to affect his music, which is already apparent with his single “Holy.”

Bieber defines the song as “the start of a new era” in his musical career and said a new album is forthcoming.

Alongside updates of his new tracks, Bieber continues to encourage others with biblical truths.

“People cannot assign value they can only recognize it,” Bieber wrote. “God is the only one who can assign value and if God says it that settles it. You are valuable.”

Bieber also wrote in a recent post about the cleansing work of Christ on the cross: “Your past, present and future is wiped clean by the forgiveness of Jesus. You are free. Believe it and receive no strings attached.”

Bieber’s new life in Christ is a testament to the power of the Gospel, and we pray that, as Bieber continues to share these marvelous truths with his large audience, God reaches people for his kingdom!

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