Justin Bieber’s Faith

By Jeff Holder, Coordinating Editor

No doubt about it, Justin Bieber’s a pop culture sensation. Not since

Elvis in the Army has a pop star’s haircut drawn so much attention. He has 23 million Facebook fans. His shoe size is seven and a half, and there’s even more useless trivia like that available on the Internet for the reading among the 199,000,000 web pages that Google returns for “Justin Bieber.”

Unlike other pop stars that seem to show up at court on a regular basis, Justin Bieber has often spoken of his Christian faith. In fact, Justin’s mother recently went on record about the faith of her famous son and their family.

His mom, Pattie Mallette, had an encounter with God when she began attending a non-denomination Christian church. She was part of starting Jubilee Christian Fellowship and sang on the worship teams. She raised Justin to know God and he now professes a faith in Jesus. Fitting a media pop star, his testimony is on YouTube at

While there may be “stage mothers” who are praying to God for their children to be a media success, Pattie and Justin never prayed for that. In fact, they tried to go slow as success began to come and have concluded that Justin’s singing career is God’s will and the plan for him.

Patti says, “I want people to pray for him – and for me. I’m his ‘covering.’ He’s my son and a minor. I’m held accountable by God and by the law to protect him, which includes covering him spiritually, because there are spiritual laws.”

She goes on to say, “Justin has a strong faith but he’s young and hasn’t come completely into himself yet. He has free will like the rest of us and will ultimately make his own choices. But what I can do is continue to pray and surround him with strong Christian and moral influences.”

Justin blesses the crowds at the conclusion of his concerts by exclaiming, “Jesus loves you!” He often prays for his fans and would like his fans to pray for him.

With such a bright witness for Jesus, we could do no less.

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