Justin Bieber’s New Single Highlights Marriage and Christ’s Love 

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Justin Bieber’s New Single Highlights Marriage and Christ’s Love 

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Musical artist and outspoken Christian Justin Bieber released a new single last weekend called “Holy,” which highlights God’s love, faith, and marriage.  

Bieber recently celebrated two years of marriage with his wife, Hailey Baldwin. The 26-year-old expressed his commitment and celebrated his faith in the song.  

“Oh God, Runnin’ to the altar like a track star/Can’t wait another second/ Cause the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me/feels so holy,” Bieber’s lyrics say.

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Bieber called the song “the start of a new era” for his music, hinting that future music will contain similar Gospel themes.  

In a live-streamed Facetime call, Bieber connected with Chance the Rapper, who sings a verse featured in “Holy.” Bieber said several times that working with Chance was a “blessing.” 

Chance is not shy about his faith and said that he is “grateful” for Justin Bieber’s perspective on Christ and His love that is encapsulated in “Holy.” 

“It was about love and love within Christ and that it was, you know, written from the specific perspective that you’ve had,” Chance told Bieber during the live stream. “It talked about love in a way that you know that God is love.”

Chance also recognized God’s timing in the track’s conception, saying that it came right after some life-changing decisions that mirrored Bieber’s journey.  

“[I] finally got baptized last year, I got married last year,” Chance said. “I had all these things that like felt like really big first steps in my life… and for us to get to do this song together and talk about it so cleanly but in such a way that sounds so good and feels so good, it was just like a huge blessing that came to me at the right time.”

Chance articulates both of these momentous occasions in the verse that he sings for the song.  

“The first step pleases the Father/Might be the hardest to take/But when you come out of the water/I’m a believer, my heart is fleshy,” Chance sings.  

Later in the verse, Chance raps, “Bride’s groom, I’m my Father’s child/I know when the son takes the first steps, the Father’s proud (Yes).” 

In addition to the song, Bieber also debuted a short movie, acting as the music video, to accompany “Holy.” The movie has Colin Tilley directing with NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama and Ryan Destiny from the television show STAR acting alongside Bieber and Chance.  

“Holy” is an expression of the commitment and love found in marriage. Movieguide® previously reported how important God is to Bieber in his life and his marriage.