Kathie Lee Gifford on Cancel Culture: ‘Jesus Would Never Cancel Someone’

Photo from Kathie Lee Gifford’s Instagram

Kathie Lee Gifford on Cancel Culture: ‘Jesus Would Never Cancel Someone’

By Movieguide® Staff

TV icon and outspoken Christian Kathie Lee Gifford urges people to look to Jesus in her new book entitled, “The Jesus I Know.”

The Movieguide® Visionary Award winner has never been one to shy away from an opportunity to talk about her faith, and she is sharing some of her conversations about faith with friends, celebrities, and family in her new book.

“I wanted to talk to people who were very different from me, but who were willing to share what they think about Jesus and what faith means to them,” Gifford told Fox News. “It’s uplifting. And I think it’s a good time, especially because of the cancel culture we live in. It’s a cancer. It’s evil and it’s not something Jesus would ever do. Jesus would never cancel someone.

“I certainly don’t want to be that person who cancels someone because they don’t look like me or believe in the same things that I do. We shouldn’t dismiss someone and treat them as if they have no value,” she added. “I believe this is a challenge for us to look at people who are different from us and understand them better. I want people to take a good look at themselves each day and ask, ‘Lord, am I doing the right thing? Does this honor God?’ And if it does, do it.”

Despite the death of her husband Frank Gifford in 2015, Gifford continues to work hard and proclaim Jesus.

“People always tell me, ‘You’re so religious.’ I respond, ‘Please don’t call me that.’ I don’t like religion. I think religion puts us in chains. I believe in walking with God. And that’s really what these stories are about. You may know some of their names, but I wanted to connect with them in their journeys with God.”

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Gifford also added encouragement to those who have not found their way to faith in God.

“God calls upon each one of us differently. It’s part of our journey. I would say keep your heart open. There’s a scripture that says, ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’ People have tried everything in their lives, except for the goodness of God. For whatever reason, they avoid it,” she said. “If you could only give God that chance, for you to know Him, you will realize how much He loves you too.”

“This book is really for those who have not understood yet that God loves them,” she added. “They don’t realize it. So I just pray that the Lord illuminates His truth in their hearts. I pray that no matter what [that person] is going through, they will feel God’s love wherever they are, whatever darkness they sit in, whatever loneliness they’re experiencing, whatever loss they’re enduring.”