Kirk Cameron, Alisa Childers Talk Finding Worth In Christ

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Kirk Cameron, Alisa Childers Talk Finding Worth In Christ

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Actor Kirk Cameron and singer and author Alisa Childers shared the importance of knowing your worth and identity in Christ. 

“Everything in our culture…is telling [young people], ‘You’re perfect just as you are.’ The problem is, we have kids in kindergarten who are being told, ‘You have to figure out who you are’ and ‘You just have to use the tools you find inside yourself,’” she explained on Cameron’s TBN show. “Well, of course, that’s going to lead to anxiety.”

Childers continued, “The good news is that we don’t have to be on that culture train…we can go to scripture and know who we are, which is people made in the image and likeness of God. Everyone has dignity. We have value and worth because we’ve been made in the image of God.”

She went on to say that “these popular deceptions” are creating anxiety in children “because it’s making them totally focused on themselves, which is not why we’re created.”

“Getting off that train and just planting our truths in the eternal truths of God’s word is going to bring peace,” Childers said. “We know that we serve a God that knows the end from the beginning. He knows all, and so He’s going to tell us the truth about what is best for us.”

Childers explores this topic further in her latest book, “Live Your Truth and Other Lies: Exposing Popular Deceptions That Make Us Anxious, Exhausted, and Self-Obsessed.”

“Author Alisa Childers invites you to examine modern lies that are disguised as truths in today’s culture,” a description of the book reads. “Everyday messages of peace, fulfillment, and empowerment swirl around social media. On the surface, they seem like sentiments of freedom and hope, but in reality they are deeply deceptive.”

Childers also spoke about the cultural lie of people creating their own truths in a previous interview with Kirk Cameron.

“To tell someone you are enough, there’s nothing you need outside of yourself to made complete or whole; all the tools that you need for yourself are going to be found inside of yourself. When we tell people that, we’re really putting a burden on them that they can’t carry. Because deep down, we all know, ‘I am not enough,’” Childers said.

She continued, “What we’re actually telling people when we say ‘You’re enough’ is we’re basically saying that you have to solve all the problems that you’re causing.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

While speaking with Kirk Cameron, Christian singer and apologist Alisa Childers discussed cultural lies and the power Christianity has over them.

The key cultural lie Childers returned to is the lie that people create their own truth. Society teaches that, because this is true, everyone is liberated because they do not have to conform to anyone else’s beliefs.

This lie is “extremely scary because just think about reality if that’s just your opinion versus mine, then it’s just whoever has the most power, whoever’s the biggest and strongest that can push their view into culture, and that can’t be right. We’ve seen that fail miserably over world history,” she toldCameron on TBN.

However, if God defines truth, then it’s not just a strength or popularity contest to decide right or wrong. 

“That’s why Christianity solves this problem,” Childers explained. “Christianity is the best explanation for the way things are, and it explains morality because morality is actually rooted in the nature and character of God. He is the moral law giver that judges our choices.”

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