Kirk Cameron, Alisa Childers Slam Lie Permeating Culture

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Kirk Cameron, Alisa Childers Slam Lie Permeating Culture

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While speaking with Kirk Cameron, Christian singer and apologist Alisa Childers discussed cultural lies and the power Christianity has over them.

The key cultural lie Childers returned to is the lie that people create their own truth. Society teaches that, because this is true, everyone is liberated because they do not have to conform to anyone else’s beliefs.

This lie is “extremely scary because just think about reality if that’s just your opinion versus mine, then it’s just whoever has the most power, whoever’s the biggest and strongest that can push their view into culture, and that can’t be right. We’ve seen that fail miserably over world history,” she told Cameron on TBN.

However, if God defines truth, then it’s not just a strength or popularity contest to decide right or wrong. 

“That’s why Christianity solves this problem,” Childers explained. “Christianity is the best explanation for the way things are, and it explains morality because morality is actually rooted in the nature and character of God. He is the moral law giver that judges our choices.”

Believing that God decides right and wrong leads to universal morals and frees believers because they don’t have to rely solely on their own strength.

Society teaches the lie that “You are enough.” While this claim is meant to be liberating, living it as truth results in a heavy burden.

“To tell someone you are enough, there’s nothing you need outside of yourself to made complete or whole; all the tools that you need for yourself are going to be found inside of yourself. When we tell people that, we’re really putting a burden on them that they can’t carry. Because deep down, we all know, ‘I am not enough,’” Childers said.

“What we’re actually telling people when we say ‘You’re enough’ is we’re basically saying that you have to solve all the problems that you’re causing,” she added.

However, when people know that they are not enough but Jesus is, then they can find healing from their problems through Christ rather than by hopelessly searching for healing within their own brokenness.

Understanding the impact these lies have on culture is key to protecting one’s faith. We are bombarded by them daily, and it can be hard to discern how—or if—they fit into a biblical worldview.

However, despite what some say, a biblical worldview cannot mix with a secular worldview and remain biblical. Rather, we use a biblical worldview to discern which aspects of secular teachings are rooted in the Bible and can be affirmed and which come from Satan.

Christians must stand firm in the Bible’s teachings, rejecting secular beliefs attempting to sway their worldview.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Christian singer and apologist Alisa Childers recently sat down with Kirk Cameron on the TAKEAWAYS show about how what God says in the Bible intersects with popular hot-button issues in American culture.

Childers, a member of the Christian band ZOEgirl, is no stranger to the entertainment and the music industry.

However, Childers encouraged Christians to be active participants in discerning what content is in the movies, TV shows, and other media that they consume.

“I try to teach my kids that, no matter what we watch, we’re looking for, what is the worldview of the show? What’s the message? What are the heroes like? What are the villains like? How does that compare to scripture?” Childers told Cameron. “I think that’s a much better way to go about engaging with secular entertainment than just sort of isolating ourselves off.”

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