Kirk Cameron Announces New Episodes of ‘American Campfire Revival’

Photo from Kirk Cameron’s Instagram

Kirk Cameron Announces New Episodes of ‘American Campfire Revival’

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Kirk Cameron recently announced that his American Campfire Revival show, which garnered millions of viewers during the COVID-19 pandemic, will add new podcast episodes on major platforms.

“There is a crisis for men of courage and morals! We more need courageous and moral men to stand up! Check out new episodes of The American Campfire Revival where ever you listen to podcasts!” he wrote on Instagram.

Cameron included a clip from on of his many episodes of the American Campfire Revival:

It’s at the times that are the worst… that’s when God historically raises up revival.

That’s when he raises up an army of compassion who can see beyond the cultural moment, beyond the media moment, and that is what we are mesmerized by right now.

Movieguide® previously reported on Cameron’s campfire meetings:

At the beginning of 2021, outspoken Christian, actor, and producer Kirk Cameron announced his 100-day plan called “American Campfire Revival,” where he prays for the restoration of our country.

Cameron’s plan came after President Joe Biden’s administration rolled out its plan for its first 100 days in office. According to CBN, as Cameron approaches the halfway mark, each of his uplifting prayer-filled videos has gained between 300,000-500,000 participants.

“Rather than waiting for someone else’s 100-day plan to unfold and bite our nails to see what’s going to happen, let’s get on the offense and roll out our own 100-day plan,” Cameron said.

“God says it’s absolutely necessary, in order for us to have a new birth of freedom and blessing in the nation, to go back and remember how we lost it in the first place,” Cameron said about the history of America.

Cameron begins each video with a prayer and then invites his followers and anybody watching, to engage in a biblical discussion.

In Cameron’s latest video, posted on March 8, he explained how God is the true ruler of our world.

“If God is the ruler of this world, then your commission – it really is a co-mission – you are working together with God to heavenize the earth and build godly nations through sharing the message of the Gospel and discipleship,” Cameron said.

“If Satan is the ruler of this world, then you see godly culture as a counter-culture, an isolated persecuted minority in an evil world,” Cameron added. “If we think Satan rules the world, then the Christian culture is a sub-culture, it’s a side-culture that is really marginalized and it’s being persecuted in the context of the larger evil world. However, if you see God as the ruler of this earth, then you see godly Christian culture as leavening all areas of life, replenishing the earth, and blessing all mankind.

“The family of faith is creating a culture that is spreading across and into all areas of life. . . . Isn’t that what we get excited about when we see godly people move into positions of leaders?”

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