Kirk Cameron Champions Faith, Family and Freedom In New Documentary About Homeschooling

Photo from Kirk Cameron’s Instagram

Kirk Cameron Champions Faith, Family and Freedom In New Documentary About Homeschooling

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Kirk Cameron recently starred in a new documentary and Fathom Event, THE HOMESCHOOL AWAKENING, which explores the advantages, joys, and welcome challenges that homeschooling parents face daily.

Cameron, who homeschooled his six children alongside his wife Chelsea Noble, recently appeared on Fox to discuss the new “eye-opening” documentary.

“I had a healthy fear of homeschooling and after 6th grade we weren’t crazy about our local options,” Cameron explained of his introduction to homeschooling. “A friend introduced us to this incredible world where you could choose curriculum for your children, you were free to pass on your values and your faith in a community of like minded parents with the flexibility that you were looking for.”

“We dove in, and that is what THE HOMESCHOOLING AWAKENING is all about, the deep-dive into the everyday adventures of American homeschool families who are on a mission to put faith, family, and freedom back into learning,” he added.

Cameron notes that the documentary addresses some of the common fears parents have about homeschooling and provides solutions to encourage parents to pursue it as a viable option.

“The documentary explores what these families have to say and what the students have learned about socialization, about academic rigor, [about] how do you homeschool your kids if you’re a working parent,” Cameron said.

The GROWING PAINS actor confessed that there were challenges. However, he pointed parents to the abundant resources provided by the community of homeschool parents across the US.

“When you are in a community with other families, you have all the resources you need,” he said. “You’re not stuck in this little silo, the whole world becomes your classroom, and there’s lots of people there to help you succeed.”

Cameron said that there is a need to stand up for faith and values and instill them in children because many public schools follow the trends of culture.

“We have one chance to raise our kids, and their little hearts and minds and souls are precious,” he said. “Parents are finally waking up, and this great awakening among parents gives me great hope for the future, not only for the family, but for the entire nation.”

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of THE HOMESCHOOL AWAKENING reads:

THE HOME SCHOOL AWAKENING is an enthusiastic, encouraging documentary on the positive nature of homeschooling. Several couples give testimony to their journey in homeschooling. The homeschooled children share the benefits of being taught at home. The documentary answers many common questions people have about the practices, and success, of homeschooling children. Admittedly, homeschooling is a monumental task, but these parents, as well as the experts, emphasize that one size does not fit all. Shared responsibilities between parents, and families, along with the help of homeschooling co-ops, makes the seemingly daunting task not only achievable, but desirable. The documentary promotes faith and family and contains nothing objectionable. Movieguide encourages viewing for all audiences.

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