Kirk Cameron on the Importance of Scripture Memorization: ‘Think Like Jesus’

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Kirk Cameron on the Importance of Scripture Memorization: ‘Think Like Jesus’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian author and artist Glenna Marshall came on TAKEAWAYS WITH KIRK CAMERON to share how scripture memorization shapes hearts and helps believers think like Jesus.

“I have found that whenever I am meditating on scripture, wherever I’m memorizing thinking about trying to get it into my mind God will use that scripture to shape my heart. It almost doesn’t have to be specific to your area that you’re struggling with,” Marshall said. 

“It’s just the ongoing meditating on God’s word that changes the way you think over time.” 

She continued, “Because if you think about it these are God’s words and as you pour them into your mind in your heart over and over and over again I mean it’s sort of rewiring the way you think I mean you’re learning to think like Jesus.”

Cameron pointed out that Christians often get their children to participate in Awana or other Bible memorization programs, but many adults don’t practice memorization. 

“I think that maybe we feel like we don’t need it because we have a Bible in front of us or on our phone or any kind of audio app or we have so much access to scripture these days,” Marshall said. “So I wonder if we think we don’t need it because we can open our Bible anytime we want to…[or] maybe we think we’ve outgrown it.”

However, scripture memorization is just as important for adults as it is for kids. Marshall believes memorization creates a “ripple effect” that provides guidance and insight into every aspect of life. 

“It affects your relationships, how you respond to things, how you make decisions.” Marshall said, “It deepens your discernment so that the way that you live your life is more in line with scripture than with the world or the culture or what’s ‘normal.’”

Marshall released her book, “Memorizing Scripture,” last month. 

She posted about the release on Instagram with the quote, “It doesn’t matter how old you are, how long you’ve been a Christian, how poor your memory, or how educated you might be. Scripture memorization is for every believer. You’re welcome and encouraged to stand in a long line of saints who have beheld the treasure of Scripture and have spent their lives joyfully storing it in their hearts.”

The author also provides memorization resources on her website. 

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