Kirk Cameron Launches Initiative to Combat ‘Harmful’ Books in Schools

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Kirk Cameron Launches Initiative to Combat ‘Harmful’ Books in Schools

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Author and actor Kirk Cameron just launched a new program to provide books without sexualized content to schools across the nation.

“SkyTree Book Fairs was recently founded as a direct challenge…to Scholastic Book Fairs, an entity that enjoys a near-monopoly on school book-fair programs across the United States,” Fox News reported.

“It’s obvious that Scholastic is committed to indoctrinating our youth with harmful messages,” Cameron said.

“They are not just the 1,000-pound gorilla in this space. They are the space,” Cameron added. “They are the ones publishing this material. We want to knock them out of the race.”

SkyTree Books will provide books to over 600 public and private schools nationwide. These materials will not contain sexualized stories that many other children’s books do.

SkyTree Book Fairs is a nonprofit on a “mission to offer children’s books that families can trust through school book fairs across the nation. We began as a response to parents and librarians who were tired of sifting through books from Scholastic and looking for an alternative,” their website says.

“Since my journey across the country providing more wholesome children’s content in public libraries, I’ve realized that there’s more work to be done,” Cameron stated. “Partnering with SkyTree gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact within our hurting educational system. Let’s build up a strong and healthy generation inspired by wholesome reading.”

Cameron is also an author for Brave Books, a publishing company dedicated to promoting positive children’s books.

“Our family signed up for the Freedom Island Book Club, after we started homeschooling our boys. I realized as a mother, my children weren’t practicing the morals and values that we hold in our home anymore. They spent so much time away from home, we lost the connection we all had together as a family, and for the Lord. When we signed up, my husband and I made it our mission to make Brave Books, our monthly family adventure,” one reader said.

Cameron’s latest book, “The Fox, The Fair, and the Invention Scare,” teaches children the importance of loving their enemies, as God commanded.

“When we can recognize that God loved us when we were His enemies through our pride and rebellion, that changes us,” the actor said. “And now we can extend an olive branch to other people.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Cameron’s book readings around the nation:

Kirk Cameron will head to Hendersonville, Tennessee, for a special patriotic book reading that will include other stars like Missy Robertson, Riley Gaines and Bethany Hamilton.

This reading is part of Cameron’s ongoing “Freedom Island” book tour, which aims to “reclaim the hearts and minds of America’s children.”

“This thing is just growing,” he explained. “It’s like this tiny little mustard seed that’s growing into this giant tree—and pretty soon, it’s going to fill the whole nation. It’s really exciting because when the woke mobilizes, celebrities and politicians love to come out and show their support—and now it seems like the tides are finally turning.”

He shared that “thousands and thousands of parents and grandparents, plus politicians and schoolteachers and so many others, are joining us at each stop.”