Kristoffer Polaha Pens New Family-Centric Romance Series


Kristoffer Polaha Pens New Family-Centric Romance Series

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actor Kris Polaha has starred in blockbuster movies like the Movieguide® Award-nominated WONDER WOMAN 1984 and JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION, but he’s about to add a new title to his list of accolades: romance novelist. 

The actor has partnered with Anna Gomez to co-write a five-book series, titled “From Kona With Love.”

“I’ve never had so much freedom as a storyteller before,” Polaha told The Hollywood Reporter. “Filmmaking and television are very collaborative mediums. One is always asked to bend and flow to several differing points of view. With writing, every turn is decided by the author. It’s incredibly freeing.

“We [he and Gomez] met on a zoom call last March through a mutual friend to talk about a few books she has already written to see if I could adapt them into movies,” he continued. “And we got to talking about creating IP and content and having creative control from page to screen, and the next thing I knew she offered to collaborate on a series she was just about to begin writing. I jumped at the opportunity, and, so far, it’s been an incredible journey!”

The first book in the series, Moments Like This, will be available in stores March 9, with the second installment expected in November. 


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“I don’t know if I think of myself as a romance novelist, per se,” the former Movieguide® Awards presenter said. “But we are filing these in the ‘romance’ category because ‘From Kona With Love’ is a series of love stories, but already in book two it’s becoming this deeper family saga about love and loss and redemption that spans time and generations and different cultures, and each book will take place on a different Hawaiian island.

“I’m really proud of how Moments Like This turned out, and we are writing each book so that it can be read as a stand-alone. No cliffhangers here,” the actor laughed. Polaha even has plans to turn the books into a movie series.

“My hope is that our readers are transported to a beautiful place with beautiful people doing beautiful things,” Polaha said. “That they can escape from the news about the pandemic for the day or the few days it will take them to read the book. We are telling a story about a family, so my hope is that my readers will become invested in that family and their trials and tribulations and their love lives.”

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