Majority of Parents Allowing Their Children to Consume More TV Now Than Ever

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Majority of Parents Allowing Their Children to Consume More TV Now Than Ever

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

A new study by Tubi shows that 65% of parents are allowing their children to watch more television and movies during stay-at-home orders because of the coronavirus.

The study surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that the average person is watching eight hours of entertainment content a day right now and has at least four streaming services at their fingertips.

Thirty-eight percent have five or more services, while 47 percent are taking advantage of free streaming services and 30-day free trials that others offer.

The study reported that since the coronavirus pandemic began, 75 percent of the people surveyed were using streaming services more frequently in general.

A Tubi spokesperson commented on the findings saying, “The findings of the survey illuminate just how much people are turning to streaming as a way to stay entertained and cope with social isolation.”

The spokesperson added, “Americans are bingeing more content than ever before, seeking free streaming options alongside subscription services, and turning to password sharing as a way to find more content.”

These findings are alarming and in turn affect lives in many different ways, some of which we might not have thought of yet.

In December of 2019, researchers at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) found that lifestyle habits, like children watching lots of TV, has a strong association with adolescent obesity.

As Movieguide® has said for years, it is vital that babies and toddlers not consumer media, and children should only be shown age-appropriate entertainment. Parents should help children process and train them to be media-wise.

During this time, it’s so important for families to not only stay physically active, but to limit the quantity of media their children are consuming.

When allowing children to watch movies or TV shows, parents should make sure to be media wise and discern what they let their children watch.

Movieguide® offers a variety of books and articles that can help parents learn more about media discernment and why it’s important to start training children at a young age.

For more information, you can visit the parenting tab on the Movieguide® website or click here to find additional books available on the subject matter.

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