Make A Wish Recipient Meets Iconic Pixar Voice At Disneyland

Make A Wish Recipient Meets Iconic Pixar Voice At Disneyland

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Disneyland is frequently referred to as the happiest place on Earth. This was certainly true for 12-year-old Spencer, who recently got to meet his “hero,” Pixar actor John Ratzenberger through Make a Wish.

“I sure did enjoy being with him, and he called me a friend,” said Spencer. “Being his friend is so nice, and it made my heart shine brighter than ever. I can’t believe it was actually him!”

Spencer and Ratzenberger met up at Disney California Adventure on Pixar Pier, a fitting location for Ratzenberger, who has lent his voice to every Pixar movie to date.

The pier features rides that highlight TOY STORY, INCREDIBLES and INSIDE OUT.

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When Spencer was asked why he wanted to meet John Ratzenberger, he said “He’s my hero. He’s funny and he sounds like such a nice guy. He’s in every Pixar movie and I love that. I feel happy when I watch him.”

When Spencer visited Disneyland Resort with his family from Maryland, he brought a gift for Ratzenberger — a journal filled with drawings and photos. He also brought one of his favorite plush toys, the yeti from Disney and Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.,” who is voiced by the actor.

A few of Ratzenberger’s Pixar roles include:

·      Hamm (TOY STORY movies)

·      P.T. Flea (A BUG’S LIFE)

·      Underminer (INCREDIBLES)

·      Mack (CARS Movies)

·      Fritz (INSIDE OUT)


Ratzenberger is a longtime friend of Movieguide®and will star in the upcoming faith-based movie EAST TEXAS OIL with Kevin Sorbo.

See Movieguide®’s conversation with Ratzenberger on the red carpet for INCREDIBLES 2 in 2018 below.

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