Mattel Announces BOB THE BUILDER Movie

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Mattel Announces BOB THE BUILDER Movie

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Mattel is working on a BOB THE BUILDER movie starring Anthony Ramos and Jennifer Lopez.

“When Roberto ‘Bob’ travels to the enchanting island of Puerto Rico for a major construction job, he takes on issues affecting the island and digs deeper into what it means to build. Bob’s journey will celebrate the vibrant and colorful textures of the Caribbean Latin nations and their people,” the movie’s description reads.

Ramos will star as Bob alongside Lopez. The movie will be produced by Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico from ShadowMachine, who worked on Guillermo del Toro’s PINOCCHIO. Felipe Vargas is set to write the screenplay.

“Pairing Anthony and Felipe’s genius vision for the story will capture this beloved character in a manner that audiences who grew up with Bob will recognize, and all-new audiences will enjoy,” added Robbie Brenner, President of Mattel Films.

“For years, Bob the Builder’s characters have inspired young people around the world,” Ramos said. “A movie about friends working together, a celebration of a beautiful home they share, and how love can help to conquer any obstacle along the way. Can we fix it? Yes, we can!”

In recent years, Mattel has teased fans with plans to bring a variety of its most famous IPs to the big screen. Last year’s BARBIE was the first of those projects to be released, hitting it big with an unbelievable $1.4 billion gross at the global box office and taking the No. 1 spot at the box office.

BOB THE BUILDER joins the lineup of other Mattel IPs coming to the big screen, including Hot Wheels, American Girl, Barney, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and Uno. BOB THE BUILDER will be the company’s first foray into animated movies since beginning this new business phase as it looks to bring more of its beloved characters to life.

The movie is yet to have a set release date.

Movieguide® previously reported:

From shelves to the big screen, American Girl dolls are slated to get their own movie in the coming years.

“Mattel Films announced plans to produce another toy-centric flick with Paramount Pictures and Temple Hill Entertainment, based on the American Girl dolls,” Variety reported.

Lindsay Anderson Beer is set to write the screenplay.

“Growing up, my sister and I were American Girl girls,” Anderson Beer stated in a press release. “I had Kirsten, and she had Molly. They didn’t feel like dolls to play with, rather real people whose worlds we got to imagine ourselves in. They are historically accurate toys and accessories that feature elaborate and immersive backstories uniquely suited to bring to screen.”

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