Maverick City Music’s Naomi Raine Talks Calling, Worship, And Music: ‘This Is The God That We Serve’

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Maverick City Music’s Naomi Raine Talks Calling, Worship, And Music: ‘This Is The God That We Serve’

By Movieguide® Staff

You may know Naomi Raine from Maverick City Music hits like “Jireh” and “Promises.”

However, God’s call on Raine to sing came at two years old when she performed in her first concert. By the age of 7, she wrote her first song. Since then, Raine has won a Billboard Music Award, Dove Award, Stellar Award, and a Grammy Award.

The 35-year-old recently sat down with Relevant Magazine to discuss her career with MCM and God’s calling on her life.

“It was like living in something you dreamed about forever, but it was actually happening,” she said of her success. “I kept having to pinch myself. It was eye opening, too. I’ve always known that music was so much bigger than just the hits that we might hear or see. And getting to hear all of the categories, the different parts of music that were celebrated and awarded, was just really good. I felt like a part of the music community.”

“Honestly, we see a lot of super produced worship moments from artists, and that’s artistry, but a lot of what the worship that God receives is just singing or playing or whatever — and He loves it and He accepts it,” she said. “I think we’ve changed worship culture, but I think it’s really bringing it back to the beginning, and the basics, and what the Lord has always received from us.”

Despite her accolades and newfound family with MCM, Raine is open about her battle with depression, which she highlights in her first single, “Not Ready.”

“I didn’t even know I was depressed, but I knew I wasn’t ready to change. I wasn’t ready to do anything, but I knew I wanted to talk to the Lord because this is what I do,” Raine said. “Usually, when I feel like that, talking to the Lord, I’m ready to do whatever he tells me to do. Here, I realized I’m not ready.

“I don’t want to write the song that says, ‘Yay, God, you brought me out of the pit.’ I want to write the song that’s like, ‘Man, this pit is really terrible, but I accept the fact that you’re here with me, Jesus, and thank you for not trying to push me out too fast. That you’re allowing me to feel the feelings that I’ve been afraid to feel for years. Thank you that you’re with me,’” she said.

Raine recognizes that the authenticity of her music encourages others to be authentic in their worship.

“I think it’s why some people don’t pray nowadays, and don’t go to the Lord, and feel guilty and ashamed of where they are,” Raine explained. “God wants to be with us. He says he’s near to the broken hearted. This is the God that we serve. A smoldering wick he won’t snuff out. When you’re at your lowest and your worst, he’s like, ‘I’m not going to just get rid of you.’ That’s not the God that we serve.”

Even as she continues making music to help people turn toward God, she admits that she is not perfect and needs sanctification daily.

“Just because I sing a worship song doesn’t mean that I don’t have real needs. I am definitely afraid, because I think we have seen this in the worship culture, and the church, and Christians are very judgmental about people’s process,” she said. “But I just don’t see that in the Bible. You know what I see in the Bible? I see real, actual people and all their flaws.”

“Sanctification is a process,” Raine continued. “I believe that what we see in the Bible is people going through a process. They’re still being used by the Lord, but they’re in process. I want to normalize the process — but not normalize and okay sin. That’s not what this is. It’s just, ‘Hey, it’s okay to grow, and growth takes longer than I think we want it to.’ It’s hard to walk with people out of their journey, but we look at some people, like myself, and we look at those people like, ‘Hey, this is the goal. This is the standard.’ But we are not the standard. Jesus is the standard and we all need him. That’s what I’m hoping this music can do. I’m facing my fears and putting it out.”

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