Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg Team Up Again for New Movie FLIGHT RISK

Photo from Mark Wahlberg’s Instagram

Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg Team Up Again for New Movie FLIGHT RISK

By Movieguide® Contributor

Mel Gibson announced his return to the director’s seat in new film FLIGHT RISK, he also announced the addition of Mark Wahlberg.  

Gibson last directed HACKSAW RIDGE and appeared in FATHER STU with Mark Wahlberg.

Both HACKSAW RIDGE and FATHER STU were nominated for a Movieguide® award.  

Joe Drake, Lionsgate Movie chairman told Deadline, “We love the undeniable electric pairing of Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg. These world-class talents combining for this dynamic, character-driven film will make Flight Risk one of the most suspense-filled, must-see events of the year.” 

Movieguide® previously reported on Wahlberg’s faith in the film industry:  

“[Faith] it’s everything, it’s afforded me so many things,” the actor said during a recent appearance on the TODAY show. “God didn’t come to save the saints, He came to save the sinners…We want to be better versions of ourselves, and through focusing my faith, it’s allowed me to do that.” 

He continued, “You know, it’s not popular in my industry, but, I cannot deny my faith. It’s important for me to share that with people. I have friends from all walks of life and all different types of faiths and religions, so you know, it’s important to respect and honor them as well.” 

Wahlberg also spoke about Lent and the importance of discipline when it comes to faith.  

“God knows the things that he wants you to detach from,” he explained. “We all know those things that make us feel guilty, don’t make us feel as good as we should. So being able to detach from those things and focus on good habits as opposed to bad habits…just challenging people to be better versions of themselves.” 

The actor went on, “Discipline has always been important for me in life. Once I started getting into movies and transitioned from music, I realized I needed a lot of discipline in my life. And that discipline has afforded me so many other things.”  

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