Mike Lindell on His New Faith-Based Comedy: ‘Let’s Laugh and Love Together in the Name of Jesus’

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Mike Lindell on His New Faith-Based Comedy: ‘Let’s Laugh and Love Together in the Name of Jesus’

By Movieguide® Staff

Although big tech silenced MyPillow CEO and outspoken Christian Mike Lindell for his conservative opinions, he is making his voice heard as executive producer of the new faith-based comedy, CHURCH PEOPLE

Lindell wants CHURCH PEOPLE to provide Christians with a breath of fresh air and encouragement in 2021. 

“Why comedy? There is a purpose in comedy,” Lindell said in a new promotional video for the movie. “We fill our lives with responsibilities, people to care for, organizations to lead, resources to steward, and families to impact. Most of our day is filled with decisions tasks and things we’re concerned about. Breaking that rhythm of that seriousness with laughter brings us all together and unifies us in the hope of Jesus Christ.”

Lindell also stressed the church’s importance in a Christian’s life and noted that CHURCH PEOPLE contains satirical humor about human mistakes. 

“Ephesians 4:11-12 says ‘and he gave the apostles the prophets the evangelists the shepherds and teachers to equip the saints for the work of ministry for building up the body of Christ.’ We’re all called to serve each other with our gifts, and sometimes in serving we miss the point of love and that can be funny,” Lindell explained. “However, it doesn’t change the fact that we are better together than we are apart. This film reminds us all of our imperfections and how the good Lord still uses them together for his glory.”

Despite the pandemic making it more challenging to fellowship as a body of believers, Lindell hopes this movie reminds Christians of the community they share in God. 

“Our hope is fulfilled in community, and while it’s imperfect, the church is our ability to gather together in the name of Jesus and be the hands and feet of God,” Lindell said. 

But apart from the jokes and the laughs found in CHURCH PEOPLE, Lindell said that the movie’s ultimate purpose is spread the good news of the Gospel. 

“So what does a comedy film have to do with Mike Lindell? Well, the healing power of Jesus can be achieved through the local church and until we recognize and admit that we’re imperfect, we run the risk of not reaching the lost,” Lindell said. “The Lindell Recovery Network will bring people that are broken back to the church and we as the church should understand that the Gospel is enough. This film is an honest and humorous reminder that the Gospel is enough and we all need Jesus. 

“I’ve learned this the hard way and there are millions of hurting people who need to experience God’s love through their local church,” Lindell confessed. “Come on church, let’s laugh and love together in the name of Jesus.”

CHURCH PEOPLE will release in select theaters on Mar. 13-15. 

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads

CHURCH PEOPLE is a satirical faith-based comedy. Guy is a young man who goes on tour as “America’s youth pastor.” However, Guy senses his ministry becoming more about the show and less about Jesus and His Gospel. Returning home, Guy realizes his senior pastor, Skip, has bought into the megachurch marketing machine. At first, Guy wants to leave the church, but he still has work to do with youth group. Pastor Skip is willing to do whatever it takes to sell Christianity, even stage an Easter crucifixion. Guy assembles an unlikely team to overcome Pastor Skip’s crazy notions and point people to the real Gospel.

Although some of the comedy is hit or miss, CHURCH PEOPLE is a funny, enjoyable satire about compromising the Gospel of Jesus for the sake of marketing the church. It contains comical commentaries that churchgoers will understand. Many jokes depict pagan religions and mockeries of Christianity and biblical stories. By the end, however, CHURCH PEOPLE gives viewers a good lesson about the truth of the Gospel and God’s Word, the Bible. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children.