Mom Goes Viral for Hilarious Back-to-School Rules for Teenage Son

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Mom Goes Viral for Hilarious Back-to-School Rules for Teenage Son

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Nicole Jackson went viral on TikTok last summer after sharing her hilarious back-to-school rules for her 13-year-old son, Kai. 

In a recent TODAY show appearance, Jackson said, “If you’re a parent that’s ever sent your grade schooler to school, then you know these are the things that we go through.”

“When I saw (the video), I was like, ‘This is my house,’” TODAY’s Craig Melvin, a father of two, said. “Especially the part where you start talking about permission slips and waiting until the last minute.”

In the video, Jackson listed the things that her son won’t be doing this school year. 

1. Fake being sick. 

“What we not gonna do is change up our stomach energy. You’ve been living on a diet of hot chips, chicken nuggets, and every popsicle and disgusting drink known to man, without one stomachache. You’re not about to come to me talking about ‘my stomach hurt’ like you’ve got the intestinal tract of a geriatric Crohn’s patient,” Jackson said. 

2. Start sleeping in. 

“What we not gonna do is act like we can’t wake up. You’ve getting up at 6:77 every morning—and yes, I said 6:77 because it’s some ungodly hour that doesn’t exist—asking me about some breakfast,” the mom stated. “This ain’t that.”

3. Forget to have your clothes ready the night before. 

“I’m not about to have a slight heart attack trying to rush us out the door to get you on time for the bus,” Jackson continued. “This ain’t that.”

4. Run out of school supplies. 

“I literally just spent $75,000 making sure everything on the list was there,” the mother joked. “You’re not about to keep losing everything.”

5. Tell me about things the night before. 

“I’m not about to get my blood pressure up running around here to get all these supplies, find an outfit or do a project into the wee hours of the morning,” Jackson said.

6. Complain about lunches. 

“What we not gonna do is complain about the lunches that are packed for you,” Jackson stated. “I literally took you to the store and asked you if every separate item was OK, but then when I went to put it together in a lunch that’s nutritious, now all of a sudden, it’s trash.”

7. Ask if dinner is ready. 

Jackson mentioned that her son will not ask her if dinner is ready “55 times” when he returns home from school. 

“I celebrate this day like it’s a national holiday,” she joked  about the beginning of school.

“Parenthood is a glorious experience, but it’s hard—it comes with problems,” Jackson added. “We need to laugh at the weeds that grow in the garden.”


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