Most American Children Live with Two Parents

Most American children, 70%, live in two-parent homes, with 63% living with both of their biological parents, according to the Survey of Income and Program Participation by the U.S. Census Agency.
In other words, the traditional nuclear family accounts for at least 70% of the American consumer market in the entertainment industry, and probably even more than that, since it is children, including teenagers, who are more likely than parents and adults to see movies and television programs.
One statistic to be worried about – only 28.2% of black children live with their two biological parents (down from 29%). This fact, not racism, shows why the black community in America’s inner cities (most of which are run by secular liberal mayors and city councils, by the way) is still having trouble achieving the American Dream. It also contributes to the lower life expectancy of Americans when compared to other industrialized countries (take that, Michael “Sicko” Moore!)