Netflix’s CHUPA ‘Delves Into The Connection Of Family’

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Netflix’s CHUPA ‘Delves Into The Connection Of Family’

By Movieguide® Contributor

The stars of Netflix’s CHUPA recently sat down with Movieguide® to talk about the movie’s family-friendly themes.

CHUPA tells the story of a young boy, Alex, visiting family in Mexico, who discovers a mythical creature, a chupacabra, hiding in his grandfather’s shed. He and his cousins must go on an adventure to save the creature from a scientist who seeks to capture it. 

Star Christian Slater said CHUPA “definitely delves into the connection of family, the love, [and] the heart and soul,” adding that it’s also “a beautiful story about gaining insight and greater understanding in things that we haven’t really experienced before.”

Evan Whitten, who plays Alex, jumped in to talk about his character’s connection to family. 

“Alex, at first, is burying [and] locking away all his emotions for his family and how much he really cares about them and how much they care about him,” the actor explained. “He locks away all his feelings and emotions but then they’re kind of reopened again because he finally learns how much his family really loves and cares about him.”

Demián Bichir, the actor playing Alex’s grandfather, echoed those statements, sharing that the movie’s themes of connecting with elderly family members matches his own South American upbringing. 

“We keep them with us because it’s like a jewel,” Bichir said. “It’s knowledge. It’s everything.”

Another major theme of the movie? Grappling with loss. 

“Where there’s loss, there’s always going to be family to help you through,” Whitten shared. “You’re never going to go into something alone.”

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CHUPA is now available to stream on Netflix.