New Documentary Offers What May Be the Real Reasons Behind the World’s Current Economic Collapse

Many people in America, especially people active in the upper echelons of Wall Street and the power centers in Washington, D.C., are in panic mode concerning the recent economic meltdown this fall. Apparently, they are so panicked that America elected the most radical liberal ever to run for president. A new video documentary just may tell the real reasons behind the current economic crisis. And, it doesn’t point the finger at greedy investors and bankers on Wall Street.

DEMOGRAPHIC WINTER: THE DECLINE OF THE HUMAN FAMILY is a well-produced, powerful warning about the dying population groups throughout much of the world and the dire consequences of that terrible trend. In the movie, scientists and social scientists from Harvard, the University of Chicago, the New American Foundation, and countries around the world discuss how and why populations are decreasing at an alarming rate. The reason why is a condemnation of today’s politically correct culture that replaces traditional Christian culture, including the Bible, with a left-wing, atheist ideology of social engineering, narcissistic hedonism, class warfare, and racial politics that is itself racist and demeaning.

The scientists in this documentary are not people of faith. In fact, one scientist makes perfectly clear that he is not. But, their research shows that the sexual revolution, the advance of immorality, the socialist welfare systems, and other factors associated with contemporary society are destroying the future of mankind. For example, 70 countries in the world now have an aging population. For example, it takes 2.1 children per couple to replace the population, but Europe’s population is only 1.3. In fact, the United Nations estimates that by 2050 there will be 248 million fewer children under the age of 5 than there are today. People mistakenly think that having fewer children means that the remaining children will have more job opportunities.

The economists in DEMOGRAPHIC WINTER show that that is not so. If the population of these 70 countries continues to age, the tax burdens on the remaining children will be tremendous, but the need for their labor will be minimal. As Adam Smith pointed out 200 years ago, prosperity is related to a growing population while depression is the result of a dwindling population. Since we have just hit the downside of the baby boom, it is no surprise that we are moving from prosperity to depression. Liberal social engineering schemes and sexual hedonism have left children growing up in broken homes with absentee parents. These children are incapable of dealing with productive life. Even so, they will bear the burden of caring for the aging population. DEMOGRAPHIC WINTER is the type of program that everyone should watch. Hopefully, enough people will watch it to realize that we need to throw off social engineering and immorality, and get back to a biblical worldview, where people obey God’s wisdom rather than the foolishness of social and political iconoclasts. To order a copy of DEMOGRAPHIC WINTER, please visit this website at www.Cfourstrategies.com/demowintermg.html.