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** Is Google Making Us Dumber or Just Plain Lazy?

“How many countries have only one color on their flag?”

Years ago this question would have generated a numerical response from most of the people who were asked. However, with the increasing use of search engines for factual information, people today are more likely to respond not with the answer, but where they would look on the Internet to find the answer.

A new study by Columbia University recognizes a new kind of amnesia called The Google Effect which has impacted the way humans recall information. When asked a factual question such as the one above, more often than not, people refer to an Internet location instead of answering the question from memory.

The authors of the study argue that this heavy reliance on search engines does not prove people are stupid, but it points out that people are processing information and thinking in a completely different way than they used to doing. Thus, when thinking about factual details, people are relying more on the Internet for those facts rather than putting them into the memory banks in their own minds.

– Source: NBC-TV, Bay Area, 07/17/11.


** Army Approves Atheist Concert at Fort Bragg

The United States Army has approved an atheism-themed concert on March 31, 2012 at Fort Bragg.

Originally scheduled for this year, the concert event was postponed when Sgt. Justin Griffith, a Bragg soldier and military director of American Atheists, decided the event wasn’t receiving the same support as a Christian concert in the past.

Griffith sees this concert as a turning point for military personnel who do not claim any specific religious traditions. Richard Dawkins, a famed atheist, is set to speak, along with performances by other musicians and entertainers.

Despite Griffith’s claims that Fort Bragg failed to give them the support Christian concerts received, Bragg spokesman Ben Abel says they will give the same support to this upcoming concert as the other private events it supports.

– Source: One News Now, 08/08/11.


** NASA Satellites Debunk Global Warming Theory

NASA has recently gained satellite data that shows the Earth atmosphere for the years 2000 to 2011, and the information shows much more heat being released into space than alarmist computer models have been predicting. This counters the idea that the Earth’s temperature has been increasing due to gases preventing heat from leaving the atmosphere.

The most recent computer models predict much less heat escaping into space than this satellite data shows it actually leaving. So, the satellites proved there are huge discrepancies between the real-world facts and what alarmist computer models have been predicting.

According to this new study, not only is more heat escaping the atmosphere, but also, heat has been escaping for longer than many scientists have predicted. The new findings will have a profound impact on the global warming debate due to the fact that many of the statistical predictions that support global warming have been proven wrong.

– Source: Yahoo News, 07/27/11.