NFL Tight End Zach Ertz Shares his Faith Journey on New Episode of Huddle Up


NFL Tight End Zach Ertz Shares his Faith Journey on New Episode of Huddle Up

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

In a new episode of the online show Huddle Up, Philadelphia Eagles’ tight end Zach Etrz shared what his walk with Christ has been like over the last three and a half years.

Huddle Up is a video program hosted by NFL player and Christian Benjamin Watson, sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Pro Athlete Outreach.

In the fourth episode, the Ertz joined his wife Julie Ertz and longtime Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz.

The Eagles are known to have a spiritual locker room with players who engage in weekly Bible studies.

Ertz said when he was drafted to the team he wasn’t, “persuaded or tempted or forced to” have personal relationship with the Lord.

It was inspiration from his teammates like Wentz, Trey Burton, Jordan Matthews, and Chris Maragos to urged him begin his faith journey.

Ertz explained, “The way that they walked each and every day was the thing that ultimately opened my eyes.”

He continued, “Trey Burton was in my tight end meeting room and I was a guy that was up and down with each and every play. Trey was just like Steady Eddie the whole time. So I wanted to emulate that.

“The more highs and lows I had during football, the more nervous and anxious I got. So finally, I just gave up, surrendered everything,” Ertz said. “A lot of it was the influence of those guys, just walking each and every day with the Lord. That has been an example that I have tried to emulate — try to invite guys by the way I live my life.”

As he continues to grow with the Lord and as a leader on the team, Ertz tries to be more “deliberate in setting up the Bible studies” and setting up the team’s “Saturday night fellowship group.”

Recently, he’s been reading through the new testament with his teammates.

Ertz was baptized in 2017, just a day before he married Julie, a U.S. Women’s Soccer Player. Julie explained how she has spent the recent weeks reading her Bible and watching sermons to help her better understand the text she’s reading.

His former teammate, Wentz, told the group Ertz just finished reading the book of Acts.

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