Nick Carter Opens Up About ‘Miracle’ of Daughter’s Birth

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Nick Carter Opens Up About ‘Miracle’ of Daughter’s Birth

By Movieguide® Staff

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter credits his faith for the miraculous birth and survival of his daughter, Pearl.

“All my children are a blessing to me and I’m a very strong believer in God. I’m very happy that she’s here in our lives and we will do everything that we can to make sure that all of our kids are protected and loved,” Carter said of Pearl’s birth.

Carter and his wife, Lauren, were shocked to discover she was expecting a third child after they struggled to conceive their first two children. Carter called Pearl’s birth a “miracle” because the couple already selected a girl’s name.

After an uneventful pregnancy, Lauren experienced minor complications during the birth, and Pearl landed in the NICU.

“To see your child being born and then having to be put in the NICU … it’s the scariest thing. But I think that’s what makes it a blessing,” Carter said.

At the time, Carter turned to prayer, asking for his Instagram followers to intercede on behalf of his daughter.

Now, Pearl is a healthy 7 months old and learning to crawl. Carter says he’s sharing his experience to inspire other families who may be enduring similar trials.

“I’m so grateful. It was tough,” Carter says. “Maybe a little story like what happened with our daughter could help someone else feel a little better if it did happen to them. You can make it through. Maybe that’s a silver lining.”


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