Nick Vujicic Reacts to THE CHOSEN: ‘If God Can Use A Man Without Arms and Legs to be His Hands and Feet, God Can Use Any Willing Heart’

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Nick Vujicic Reacts to THE CHOSEN: ‘If God Can Use A Man Without Arms and Legs to be His Hands and Feet, God Can Use Any Willing Heart’

By Movieguide® Staff

As fans flock to the third season of THE CHOSEN, one scene in the second episode has become a standout.

In episode two, ‘Two by Two,’ Jesus sends out his disciples to spread the good news and also perform miracles in His name. Before they are sent out, Little James asks Jesus why has not yet been healed.

Jesus responds: “In the father’s will I could heal you, right now, and you would have a good story to tell, yes? But there are already dozens who can tell that story. There will be hundreds more, even thousands. But think of the story you have, especially in the journey to come, if I don’t heal you. To know how to proclaim that you still praise God in spite of this, to know how to focus on all that matters, so much more than the body. To show people that you can be patient with your suffering, here on earth because you know you will spend eternity with G no suffering. Not everyone can understand that. How many people do you think the father and I trust this with? Not many.”

The creator of THE CHOSEN, Dallas Jenkins, recently sat down with evangelist Nick Vujicic to discuss disability and the Christian faith.

Vujicic, who was born without legs or arms, commended Jenkins on their portrayal of how God uses broken people to accomplish his good.

“I watched this today before this interview and thank you for allowing me to have a sneak peek, it moved, moved, moved me, and I got goosebumps as I’m telling you this,” Vujicic told Jenkins. “I think this is going to speak to everybody.”

“I would probably have had a very similar conversation with Jesus if I was him,” he added. “He asked not just the question, but he asked it the way I would have. He reacted the way I would have.”

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Vujicic, who ministers and speaks to people around the world, did not always trust the Lord’s plan for his life.

When he was ten years old, Vujicic said that he attempted suicide due to bullying.

“​​You just can’t get away from the fact that you have no limbs,” he said. “What’s really crippling are the fears that come in. The fear of rejection, the fear of not being good enough, the fear that I’ll always be different, that I’ll always be bullied. The fear that no one’s going to accept me for me. The fear that I’ll be aloneI don’t have any worth and here I am every Sunday going to Church and hearing that God loves us.”

“We know the Bible says God can change anything. He can give me arms and legs, he started everything, he’s the creator of everything… He can just click his fingers, say the word, breathe, bang! arms and legs. It would change everything for me,” he continued. “But the question was where is the logic? If he’s a loving God and I have faith of an avocado seed then where’s my arms and legs? That silence then opens up the gap of these little voices coming in your head and saying you’ll never get married, God doesn’t love you, he’s not real, you’ll never be happy, just end your life.”

Vujicic said that the thought of his parents grief is what God used to stop him from ending his life.

From there, Vujicic said that God used a injury to his left foot and John 9 to change his life forever.

“I decided to stay by the grace of God,” he said. “Two steps that got me out of that depression was age 13, where I just had a life lesson slap me in the face. I hurt my foot so bad I couldn’t walk for three weeks and I’m staring at the ceiling I’m like, ‘Okay, thank you God for my foot. I will not complain again about what I don’t have.’”

“But more than doing and even being John chapter 9 changed my life and it was when Jesus was going through a village and he was being followed by these people and he comes across a blind man,” Vujicic explained. “The story says that the blind man is hearing all these conversations going on, Jesus has to speak directly to the blind man. Imagine people are asking why he was born that way, Jesus said it was done so that the works of God would be revealed through him.”

Later in the story, Jesus spits in the mud and heals the blind man. However, Vujicic said that what stuck with him as a child was not the miracle of sight, but the blind man’s faith in Christ.

“For me, that changed my life, not because of another miracle,” he said. “I prayed for arms and legs, he didn’t give me arms and legs. The miracle itself didn’t change me, but when I read the faith of the blind man, be still and know that I am God, he could have quickly said who are you, what do you want, what’s the plan, tell me your plan then I’ll trust you. No, if he gave us the blueprint of the whole plan then where’s the room for faith.”

“That’s when I realized, more than arms and legs, my disability is my broken lost soul,” he added. “If Dallas Jenkins and Nick Vujicic are walking side by side out in a public area and we’re both smiling they’re going to notice my smile more than you. Why? because they notice a man without arms and legs who should be sad, who should be depressed, who should be whatever… the saints of God, the children of God are positive because we are children of the king of kings and Lord of lords and I’m ambassador of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords standing in front of the gates of hell and redirecting traffic and saying, ‘God, use me. Change my circumstance and if you don’t change my circumstance use my circumstance for the sake of the glory, so that one more would know that if God can use a man without arms and legs to be his hands and feet then God can use any willing heart.”

Vujicic also encouraged Christians to not rely on a prosperity Gospel, but to realize that God does not always heal our physical ailments on this earth—but he promises to in heaven when we seek after him.

“We don’t know what we don’t know, so don’t you dare tell God that you’ve got a greater plan than him and don’t you tell me that the best plan you could ever imagine is for God to heal me,” he said. “Just because he gives you a physical miracle doesn’t mean that you’re going to be closest to him. The miracle of miracles is abiding in him and him abiding in you.”

Watch the whole interview here:

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