Nielsen Confirms Some Findings in MOVIEGUIDE® Report

The Nielsen Co., which determines television ratings and other entertainment industry statistics, has confirmed the findings in MOVIEGUIDE®’s Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry, that family movies with G and/or PG ratings and the least amount of foul language make the most money.
CBS News reports, “The research firm cross-referenced box office data on 400 films in wide release from the fall of 2005 to the fall of 2007 with their ratings for sex, violence and profanity given by Critics Inc.’s Kids in Mind website. Controlling for marketing and production budgets of films, as well as depictions of violence and sex,” PG rated movies with the least amount of foul language averaged nearly twice as well as movies with much more foul language, $69 million versus $38 million.
Of course, for last year, MOVIEGUIDE®’s annual analysis of the Top 250 Movies or so in wide release showed that G-rated movies made $92.2 million, compared to $41.2 million for PG-13 movies and a piddling $17.1 million for R-rated movies!
We also found that, of the Top 250 Movies in wide release, movies with no foul language averaged significantly more money than movies with a few obscenities and profanities and a whole lot more money than movies with a lot of foul language.
The inevitable conclusion – Hollywood can make a lot more money by making entertaining G and PG movies with little or no foul language!