Olivia Culpo Says God ‘Has Always Been’ The Foundation Of Her Relationships

Photo from Olivia Culpo’s Instagram

Olivia Culpo Says God ‘Has Always Been’ The Foundation Of Her Relationships

By Movieguide® Contributor

Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo opened up about her relationship with 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey and how faith is their foundation. 

“The foundation of our relationship has always been God,” Culpo explained. “And I feel like when things are hard or when you’re both overwhelmed [and] there’s not a ton that you can give to each other, you can always rely on God. So I feel like if the foundation is there, if there’s a foundation of that in any relationship, it is incredibly helpful.” 

“Sometimes you just need help with any relationship,” she went on. “That’s not only, like, with friendships. It’s with everything. I think it’s important to be faith-based, truly.” 

Culpo is getting ready for the premiere of THE CULPO SISTERS, a reality show about her family.

Her sister Sophia is also dating an athlete, Jets receiver Braxton Berrios, and the pair have bonded over their high-profile relationships. 

“It can be a lot,” Sophia said about her relationship with Berrios. “I think there’s a perception of it being a glamorous life. I mean, it’s lovely, but it’s a lot of work. During the season, we really rarely get to see them because they’re working all day. So turning to her and asking for advice on how to be there for them without compromising your own career at the same time [is important]. Olivia’s really good at teaching me just how to prioritize both myself and my relationship without compromising either.”

Sister Aurora also shared her thoughts on the upcoming reality series. 

“I think [the series] is a wonderful opportunity for us to show just how humbled and humbling our parents are,” she said. “They’re not afraid to bring us right back down to Earth anytime they think we’re getting a little too high and mighty.”

She went on, “I think a lot of people might relate to that, especially if you have parents that don’t have any filters like ours. We have five kids in our family. We’re all on the show. It’s chaotic and rooted in love, which I think is ultimately what makes us lovable.”